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20 November 2009



This is just unacceptable. I wish there were something I could do other than express outrage. I hope his family goes through with a lawsuit, because I'm confident they'd win.

Bourbon Street

WOW. I'm just speechless on this one. I cant even believe NO ONE would help.


If it weren't for the kindness of strangers this boy could be dead. Shane on that so called school and its administrators. I guess they were just toooo busy to lift a finger to help one gay kid. Probably called themselves "christians" and were pillars of the community too

Lang B

Many areas of America are becoming more barbaric by the minute.
We as ADULTS let too much behavioral problems/anger we see in kids go untreated. How 'bout Tolerance classes as a manditory subject.


Our community is so backward.
Houston looks like it may make history and elect a lesbian as mayor.
Bebe's kids want to beat up a schoolmate simply because he is gay.



I am more than outraged by this- Its a shame the guy holding the shotgun did not shoot the kids, they'd deserve it. The ones they should be fighting, they punk out on: Racists (kkk, skinheads, etc.)


oh- and sue the oblivion out of the school district and the parents of the children- send a message that your hateful ways of ignoring and teaching will no longer be acceptable- Parents AND schools should be 100% responsible for not following through on their responsibilities to their students and children.



I think Rod its time for some kind of Town Hall meeting or something!

The attacks on young people are getting out of hand and they are coming as a DIRECT OUTCOME of governments and churches making people believe that they now have THE RIGHT to ATTACK gay-identified or -perceived youth! They are doing IN PHYSICAL ACTION what they hear their parents and other adults do in their words!

So the two-fold struggle of this is that LGBT youth are under attack AND young people, who I believe think they are doing something "right" by the church are acting out and ABOUT TO BE SENT TO JAIL and they are going to think I JUST DID WHAT YOU SAID.

Our children are under attack and this is ENOUGH. I pray daily that our community begins to have NEW CONVERSATIONS! These young people are basically attacking other young people today, but we must act NOW because they are going to start believing that they can come up against adults (which is also happening in horrificly higher numbers). I am afraid that we are about to see something ugly go down in the Black/Latino communities.

This is not only making victims of LGBT youth, it's also mobbifying our youth who think that they get to take their own youthful "frustration" about life out on these youth.

I'm worried too that LGBT adults who have been out and living their lives are witnessing this and some matter of vigilantism is going to start happening. It's just a cycle of violence and viciousness that's bleeding up and down the streets of our communities!



And yet, the most important issue in the LGBT community is state marriage!
WTF? What do gay activists, "marriage" or "the lgbt community" have to do with this? How could the "lgbt community" have forced straight principals and bus drivers at one specific high school to do their job, protect a student and told students NOT to beat up another student? That sounds like incompetence, bad parenting and homophobia to me.

Byron, you really are a piece of work. You're always throwing rocks and blaming gay activists, who are fighting for YOUR rights. If marriage isn't your issue, fine. Find one that is and fight for it. Just make sure you stay AWAY from LGBT youth, obviously you have no idea what their issues are. smh -RM


I'm 1000% in agreement with what CC said.


I TOTALLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, 1000% CO - SIGN on The RevKev's Statment!

If we don't so something in the GLBT communites of color to stand up to this type of barbaric behavior, then there's no need for us to have a movement for our rights, when we don't even demand respect for ourselves amongst our own people..

Respect starts at home ya'll...

James M

What the hell is wrong with people!?


This is an outrage. I am seething just reading this report. Everyone failed this child, from the classmates, the bus driver and up the totem pole to the so called administrators.

I'm with Rev Kev 100%. The young people do this because the adults, the churches and government and adults enable them. They are told that gays are evil and they are just doing their masters bidding.

God help us.

Nathan James

I agree with those who point out that this was a massive, total failure of the adults to ensure that Jayron Martin had a safe environment in which to travel to, learn in, and return from school. That so many adults ignored his pleas and warnings speaks to the homophobic ignorance on their part, of the plight of Jayron and millions of other LGBT youth.

I think the two (!) principals, the bus driver, the school district and the bus company should all be held responsible as accessories before the fact. They knew this attack was imminent, Jayron asked their help, they refused, and as a direct result of their depraved indifference to Jayron's situation, this young gay man of color suffered severe physical and emotional injuries.

You can bet I will be bringing this incident (and too many others like it) up before the LGBT Steering Committee of the NYC Council at the very next meeting. Until we make ADULTS see what our YOUTH face every day, I hold out litle hope that things will change. Thanks, Rod, for posting this, and making us aware.


You all should brace yourselves for an increase in violence against the lgbt community. As cilvil rights are advanced for this group, it will bring forth all sorts of ignorant hateful remarks and actions from those who are afraid of change. Some of those remarks and actions may even come from people we know and love.


Oh my God...! What in the world?! This is awful.I don't even know what to say to this...-QH


For all young gays out there still in HS and have to suffer with taunts and threats of physical violence but are being ignored by school administrators when you report these incidents please take this advice.

Set your mp3 player (or invest in a voice activated tape recorder)on record before you enter their office so you will have on record that you reported the incident. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T TELL THEM YOU ARE RECORDING IT. EXPLAIN WITH DETAIL THE NAMES AND INCIDENTS. That way you have a record of what happened.

I am well aware that it is illegal to record people without their knowledge but the frequency of these incidents has gotten alarming and is now out of control.

This has gotten way out of hand and hopefully your actions will be what will make black administrators (or white) understand that gay youth do exist and are not going to continue taking abuse at the hands of frustrated kids who clearly have no home training nor manners.


Damn. And they wonder why many of us stay in the closet......


This has to go beyond suing the principals, the school driver, and the parents of the delinquents who attacked Jayron Martin. All of them must also serve significant jail time. This has be punished as attempted murder, not assault. Had Martin's neighbor not confronted that gang, Martin would be dead. Such a shame that he didn't pepper the little bastards with buckshot.


@ Seven: Maybe both jail time AND lawsuit should be the answer-

Think about it: You can best believe that when you hit a public school district financially, the PTA groups will wake up, the taxpayers will wake up, the city government will wake up, and changes will have to be made all around to avoid this from happening again.

Jail time only serves to the direct individuals involved. The message must be sent to ALL hateful and homophobic people who work in the schools.

Mr. Alexander King

I am completely and proudly out of the closet.
I believe in filing charges!
But I also have a concealed weapons permit and DO carry a glock w/me at all times. I am the RIGHT gay man to fcuk with!!!
While I've never had a real problem with ignorant straight men other than their occasional verbal assaults, even as a teen and now in adulthood, I feel the way I carry myself and the the look on my face says to all straight men: I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU! This is one self-loving, self-respecting gay man that will not run! And ironically, at this point, straight men seem to love me...I suffer hardly no overt verbal abuse or otherwise being my wonderfully openly gay self. I pray this teen does not internalize his attackers' ignorance and holds on to adulthood and beyond like the rest of us learned to do. At one time I didn't even think I could be friends with straight black and latino men, but now they come over regularly to watch football and boxing. I want this young man to hold on -- this incident does NOT the rest of his life define.


Rev Kev:

I think you’re correct. While the laws are changing we’re still stuck on stupid concerning equal rights and it’s going to land some of these youths in jail.

It’s like the war on drugs – where did that help but land more of our young people in jail, including an unprecedented amount of black women.

Colonialism still playing out in ways that we’ve only nearly ready to grapple with and that’s our religious predispositions.


It seems like it's something more sickening everyday. :-(


Excellent, Mr. King. There's nothing like a gaping chest wound to take all the want-to out of an attacking homophobe. More power to you. Long may your pistol pump.

Roberta Briceno

I just heard about this today...December 13th...stiffer punishment is needed for this-at least!

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