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23 November 2009




I told my ma the NIGHT Obama got elected. "You know these people ain't gonna hire us now because they think we are getting too uppity."

It was a joke then...


Patrice J.

Does anyone know what the AA statistic was before the economy took a turn?


The black unemployment rate usually runs about 1.5 times higher than the white unemployment rate. It varies-- during the 90s boom things got very good. A big problem is that unemployment does NOT count workers who are "discouraged," that is, workers who have given up and stopped looking for work. Blacks have much higher rates of joblessness-- we simply drop out of the labor market altogether. My guess is that the relative convergence of black and white unemployment rates is that so many blacks have stopped looking for work because things are so bad.

Obama has said that this economy is his, he has taken full ownership of it. I believe that he will come to seriously regret that. The unemployment rate is out of control, and most economists believe (and as an economist I concur) that we will not be back to full employment for at least 2 years, and likely longer. This is very bad news for 2010 and 2012.


Unfortunately Kevjack, whether he claimed it or not, the economy would have been his albatross, so it better to do it now that have it pinned to him later.

Rod, I do agree with the latter statement about black SGLs and transgenders. Although I'm in school getting my Masters' at the moment, I know that it is damn near impossible for me to get a job right now. I know so many black SGLs that are stuck doing nothing or getting to unsavoring things just to make some cash...

We are in a very dark period, economically speaking in our nation...


My biggest fear is that the economy will bring down this president. While he has come up with some good resposes, I am not sure that the policies enacted thus far will be enough, or were well designed. It's going to be very tough for some time.

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