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12 November 2009


Chitown Kev

White trash skank!

At least be adult enough to answer the questions of your opposition.


What an idiot!! Did she forget that LKL has callers? What else does she have to hide?

And by having someone lie for her about her age, how pathetic! If he goes on the record about that call- she could get into more trouble.....(one can only hope she does)


Anyone know who her handler is?
That was just bizarre.

Brian Finch

She's such an inappropriate cow!

Honut SInti

Who in the hell is this....person? She should be flicked off like a piece of lint or a pesky bug.
Next! Please.


Wow, but, then again, any of the so called Christians seem to have melt down when called out on their hate and few and certainly this chick are not smart enough to engage someone who they hate. When the spotlight is on them, they usually wither and if she can't stand up to her convictions on the Larry King show, it shows, she is a bigger dimwit than her anti-gay nonsense.

History Major

Can I get "you're being inappropriate larry" on a shirt?


Of course sarah palin would be her hero. Two complete ignorant idiots!


Trey, I have long been advocating a Palin/Prejean presidential ticket for 2012.

We would have to change the Constitution to allow Prejean to run (she’s not 35 years old yet), but such man-made obstacles should not prevent us from following the path God has set out for us.


This is a book publicity campaign.




I think there has to be a correction to this story for clarity. She and her handlers had requested a few things which included no questions why she settled with the Miss American officials due to a confidentiality agreement she did not want to be seen as violating and that she was told she would not have to take NO phone calls at all. The gay caller appears to just happen to be on the line as Larry King and her just got off a tense and terse exchange and he goes right to a phone call.

Im not a fan of hers or her stance on gay marriage and etc. But for clairty she was hoodwinked somewhat by the show.

Prejean's claims are made in the video. Who are Prejean's "handlers", btw? Names, please. And where is the documentation that Prejean was "hoodwinked" and "agreed to no calls"? So you are going on the word of Prejean ... the anti-gay 'Christian" who made an XXX video... and told her ex boyfriend to LIE and say she was only 17? Some fact checker you are...-RM



Her outrage with Larry was so planned so she could run back to FAUX NEWS and Christian Broadcasting Network and complain about how the 'liberal media' is picking on her. What a lying piece of...

And I hope your sex tape becomes bigger than Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee!


U got it Otis!! That's exactly what she'll do.


@ Donald: Do you always quote anti-gay Christians for "clarity"? Even after they have been caught lying numerous times?

Why not quote Donnie McClurkin or George Bush on gays while you're at it.


Sarah Palin is her hero! It makes perfect sense - they're both ignorant, bigoted and willing to make fools of themselves for money.


smh @ donald

N. Abdul-Wakil

...And Carrie Prejean is the focus of national attention, why?


LOL, this girl has some serious self-esteem issues considering she made a video tape for a dude that she knew for only a few days. Also she sounds very dense and lacks an original thought in her head.

It looks the homophobes in my generation are a bunch of empty-headed morons compared to their predecessors. At least come up with a coherent argument rather than emotional banter...

Lang B

You know, I am getting really tired of MEDIA giving these morons free press and just basically making them rich for being dramatic and boring. People work hard to make pennies and yet fame prostitutes like her get a VOICE. Larry King should have pulled the plug on her from jump.


Boy, she looked as simple and common as could be. Her flashing her book on screen said everything right there. Humph.-QH


She'll soon be starring in amateur porn flicks with Screech from Saved by the Bell. And she likely won't be very good.


Carrie, Your a Hero. Keep it up.Well done.


OMG, she is so unbelievably STUPID!


I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that initially when she was answering a question she was asked and she answered it stating what she believed. Not much tact but hey... All I would like to know is why are we still entertaining this girl???

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