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13 November 2009



I'm so sick and tired of these hate organizations, sorry churches, with this trash, they really need to lose that tax exemption since they are in the business of politics more than anything else these days.

Chris Cruz

Anytime they are ready to stop pedophiles in the church and sexual abuse, let us know.


This is what happens when there is no separation of church and state. The whole notion of faith based funding is very discriminatory and they accept government monies without following government mandates. No state should be held hostage by any organization.


This is beyond appalling! I just don't see how they can say they are doing God's work! This is extortion or blackmail.


I say let them revoke their contract, but they will have to pay the city back for breaking that legal document. Instead, the inclusive religious organizations and denominations should step up and show the people of DC and the DC metropolitan area that they are an aide to everbody regardless of their background.

I'm wondering and waiting to see what will happen when other cities across the South will do when this issue comes up...


"Extortion or blackmail"? It's blackmail: Do what I say or else....totally sad and anti-God.


I would think that if Catholic Charities receives about $2.7 million annually in city contracts, they would have more to lose than DC does.

While faith-based charities may do some good work, they act, at the same time, as fronts for churches and denominations that recruit. It angers me greatly to know that my tax dollars are being used, directly or indirectly, to recruit often psychologically vulnerable and needy people into organized religion. It is as if I am paying to enlarge the ranks of my own oppressors.

All tax-funded charity should be performed either by a government agency or a completely secular organization.

Please DC: Pull the plug on these evil-doers!

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