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04 November 2009




Charles Pugh has always done dynamic work and thanks Rod to shining the spotlight on him earlier this year!

It's great to see that the city of Detroit is on the progressive upswing!



Thanks for the great news! Marriage Equality losing in Maine had me bummed. Go Charles!

In the know

Coming from Detroit, I'm a bit skeptical on Pugh. First of all, the widely publicized reports of his home going into foreclosure twice -- once while he had not one, but TWO good-paying jobs -- and getting five eviction notices from the apartment he was living in before the condo. If personal troubles translate to political ones, we've got a problem.

However, can we spill a bit of tea on Mr. Pugh? Not only was he an ardent and unwavering supporter of Kwame Kilpatrick (something that got swept under the rug during the campaign), but word on the curb was he tried to ease his way into the local Alpha chapter at Kilpatrick's behest (he was a member, too before the whole text scandal forced him out the city). Well, the bruhs weren't feeling it and they knew what kind of resume-building game Pugh was playing.

Oh, and all the talk about being of Detroit and for Detroit...well, homeboy had no problem playing house in a $200K home in the suburbs a couple of years back. I know this for a fact because he mentioned it numerous times on his radio show, and made it a point to let everrrrrrybody know how much it costs. And anyone from Detroit knows there's no in-between when it comes to claiming where you're from. You're either from the city or you're not.

Can we also talk about how he dropped his long-term boyfriend like a hot potato before the campaign? Chile...


Congrats Mr. Pugh for making first steps as a confident openly gay brotha who is taking a stance on helping the community. And you know you are doing well when the first things that comes out the haters mouths is useless gossip....i mean really " he dropped his Boyfriend before the campaign" WTF....who really cares? And how does that help the city of Detroit?

Derrick from Philly

@In the know,


Well, does he know the great diva, Miss Ross?

D Town's Finest

I'm also from the Detroit area and am so-so about Pugh. He's very telegenic and perhaps Detroit needs that now. But he was extremely supportive of Kwame Kilpatrick and has been criticized for that, even when Kwame was gay baiting and on his "one man one woman" marriage talk. But I agree that Pugh is very inspirational.

Black folks in Detroit like Pugh because he doesn't put hiss 'sexuality in their face',, they say. I'm not sure how to interpret that. The fact that we have a black gay city council president is fantastic. That shows that we are like everyone else and can lead a major city. Now, will he push for LGBT protections or issues if this ever comes up? We shall see


Congrats to Charles! I remember him from the YouTube clip with him interviewing Wendy Williams about 4 years ago.

However, it's not "hate" when somebody does point out some indiscretions that makes an elected official look shady. Kilpatrick was as corrupt as corrupt could get so co-signing on him does warrant a side-eye...

I don't have any dog in this fight because I'm not from Detroit nor live there, but I'm from a place where you have to have to watch any public official very closely. Detroit is in the same predicament, so it's not hate especially if it is something of possible worry.

I'm not one to just fall in line of full support because a person is of a similar demographic as myself.

In the know

To all of you saying I'm a hater...the WORLD saw what happened in Detroit when a politician let his personal habits creep into how he does business. I'm not taking away from this milestone in LBGT politics, but shady is as shady does and indiscretion knows no sexuality.


Again congratulations. But will there be a court challenge to the Maine anti-gay marriage vote?


@in the know. Thank you very much for you blunt, on the money comments. This board could use a few more like you who are not blinded by the "light".

Those "closeted" black folks I worked with in DC (or should I say I was incarcerated with 40 hours per week)made me understand the saying "beware of a wolf in sheeps clothing".

Thanks again and please go on with more FACTS if there are any.


I don't think his relationships should be in question. I am a Detroiter as well and I gave my vote to Charles Pugh and 2 other candidates. I was reluctant after hearing about his financial troubles, but I figured it could give a better perspective on what so many are going through. Perhaps he made some bad decisions with his money and faced those consequences. I'm hoping he learned something and can apply it to his service on the Detroit City council.

But I think the REAL issue here should be about the poor turnout we had on election day. It was pathetic..... maybe 30% of the voting population voted.

T'realist One

Maybe 30%?
Well Hell, thats not a victory, thats just a hand me down.

Detroit people have been so bombarded with bullh***, they probably didn't give a damn who won what.


@T'realist One,

You're probably right about that. I voted against Kwame K. in his last Mayoral race and was very disappointed that he had one. I saw through his BS and couldn't understand how the rest of the Detroiters didn't see through it. So after that I didn't really care eitherm, but I did vote..... I was reluctant, but I continued to vote. I guess its a matter of character. You will either give up and not care or you will stay in the fight.



My suspicion is African Americans aren’t as homophobic as we are demonized or portrayed. If theologians would take their rightful place in unearthing Biblical truths, instead of prejudicial and Pre-colonialist and colonialist theological mindsets, then I’m sure our folks will move forward.


This is a breakthrough, people. A black gay man won office in a big chocolate city. It's a first. Hopefully more will follow. We need more black gay people elected to keep the heterosexuals honest.

Nathan James

Congratulations to Charles Pugh on his groundbreaking victory. As I read other posts about him here, I can say this: whatever his past, he now has to PERFORM as City Council President or he will be out on his ear.

As I understand it, the city of Detroit is in deep, deep trouble, and there will be no tolerance for nonsense from anyone in government, black or white, gay or straight. We'll see how well Pugh does. I wish him all the best, though. It's always good to see LGBT candidates win their races.

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