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28 November 2009



There should really be no such thing as "Gay Panic Defense"! The fact that this does exist is downright SHAMEFUL!



I am with you! This defense is DEPLORABLE and so insanely sick. It's an embarassment to this country and our judicial system. There must also be A Black Panic Defense somewhere in the South and every other variety of I AM IGNORANT AND I FREAKED OUT defense!

I will say this: I AM SO PROUD OF LOS BORICUENOS DE PUERTO RICO! Puerto Rico--parents, family, friends, clergy, leaders, even a well-known and loved music star--have shown up in MAJOR WAY IN THE HORRIFIC CASE! Several of our cities--DC, ATL, HOUSTON--could take a lesson from this kind of STAND UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT AND AGAINST WHAT'S WRONG kind of activism.


Former COGIC

@ Rev Kev

Thank you as always for being the one who goes 'there'. This was an atrocity and a horrible crime. But I was so proud to see thousands of Puerto Ricans marching in memory of this beautiful young man.

It's also very bittersweet because in my heart I know I will probably never see black people doing the same thing. Sure, hundreds of black folks might march if a child is killed by gunfire. But killed by a gaybasher? Never.

Black gay men won't even stand up and speak out in our own neighborhoods, communities and churches. Not much point expecting straight people to help us if we won't help ourselves.


Look murder IS murder...this gay self defense needs to be throw out of court!


It was just removed in New Zealand this week. Go us.


Gay panic defense=bs!!!! Since when do you kill, dismember and burn someone because you "panicked"??? He has no defense, It is CLEARLY a hate crime and it should be an open and shut case. It does not even deserve a trial!!!


I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't a lover's quarrel gone wrong. That Martinez boy is ggggay.

Derrick from Philly


you make an interesting point. I keep thinking that there is more to this story than just classic "hate crime" killing of a gay/trans person. The extensive mutilation is more than just the usual "overkill"

It's ironic that the rape/killing/mutilation of women happens too often in all countries, but nobody ever thinks of prosecuting the crime as a hate crime. They should.

apres moi

The more I see Martinez, the more he looks like someone you'd see on Adam4Adam in Miami, Orlando, or NYC area. So I'm with you Derrick, I think there's definitely more to this story that has yet to be released or discovered.

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