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11 November 2009



I'm proud to be a Pennsylvanian with an elected official like Patrick Murphy (i wish i was in his district and could support him with a vote). Even though we finally got rid of neanderthal Rick Santorum, we replaced him with pro-life Bob Casey who is now threatening real health reform with the abortion issue. Anyway, Murphy is the perfect elected official to lead on this issue.


And Ms. Donnie STILL GAY, SCREAMING HOW YOU DOIN?! in that video clip...hating on Tonex...sounds like someone is still upset Tonex would give up the booty at the last gospel conference, ok?!

NEXT! lol!


Meh. Not impressed.
Call me when a senior White House advisor goes on record or Senate or House leadership. Notice that no one was willing to cosign Barney's story.

And kudos Rod for pointing out the 'strategy' all along has been Murphy's bill, previously Ellen Tauscher's bill.

Sounds to me like once again trotting out they are trotting out Barney when the homos threaten to shut down the ATM. Just like they did in June and he quickly filed an ENDA bill. Magically! What will happen now?

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