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10 November 2009



yuck. another sterling example of the humor loooooved by black folks. Sex and homophobia, so clever smh


He's never appealed to me.

Not very funny. Ugly and gross too.

How any woman finds him remotely attractive idk

Doug Cooper Spencer

He made it to Carnegie hall??? He's not that funny anyway. That's probably why he had to resort to scatology. It's that last resort thing.


Usually im on Tracy's side but that's it. Im done with his crazy ass.

And its a shame bcoz i really loved him on 30 Rock.urghh!


What Doug said. I'm surprised to hear that he made it to Carnegie Hall and even more shocked to hear that he resorted to body function jokes.

A prime example of what happens after drinking too much.

James M

Ummmm.... He is not even funny anyways... He is a TERRIBLE host for the show Scare Tactics and he sounds like a dumb ass when he talks.

And hasn't he played gay before in a movie or on SNL? What would make him think that talking about gays would work for his comedy sketches with all the consequences that happen to other people when they talk negatively about it.

Former COGIC

What a waste. And what James said, SCARE TACTICS is just plain unfunny. Unfunny.

Who finds this man funny? Older and not so bright network execs?

Blah blah blah. Next....


Ick, they should have not even paid to see this homophobic, UNFUNNY, UNATTRACTIVE 'man.' These unfunny to 995 of black people, token black 'comedians' leave so much to be desired.

And, just how would a 'straight' man know what 'rimming' is??? I didn't even know until I was in my 30's!



The Truth

It amazes me how some people think he is funny. He has made his career by playing the part of a buffoon...a straight up coon, if you will. This homophobic rhetoric needs to stop, even in the name of "jokes." Some things just aren't funny.

alicia banks

maybe he assumed all of his fans were typical homohating blacks?

he seems to be on a suicidal streak lately

in need of post divorce trauma?

did his wife leave him for a lesbian like gaybashing busta rhymes?


I have to join the chorus. I have never found this man the least bit funny. He seems more like a drunk on subway than a comedian. They're just letting anybody into Carnegie Hall nowadays. That's the craziest detail of all.

Honut SInti

How in the collard greens did he get to Carnegie Hall?

I thought that venue was the penultimate reserved for deserving talent.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Hey! Not all black folk think Tracy Morgan or his brand of humor is funny. He appeals to a certain crowd; those who find obnoxious jokes with no real act is reason enough to call themselves a comedian. He reminds me of a drunken relative who can be mildly amusing after Thanksgiving before he starts to insult people. I don't know ANYONE who ever found him funny on SNL. I am Black and know A LOT of other black folk. Just reacting to the stereotype. That comment reminds me of "all black people like fried chickena nd watermelon....well...um..maybe that's not a good analogy Haha


sorry gays but tracy morgan is straight. he just is and no matter how much you want him he is strictly clitly. please dont be disappointed and stop hatin.


@ Rev Kev, The Truth, Cindy Birdsong:

You ain't never lied. Tracy Morgan is a buffoon and a caricature. He sets black folks back with his over the top colored antics. This is 2009 and his act is throwback, ghetto and no class. Its very disrespectful and offensive imho.

Oh and Lashawnda...just by your name you sound like Tracy's target audience. You can have his sloppy azz. We gays have too much respect than that.


Yeah he made some comments in bad taste; oh well that is what humor sometimes amounts to...it is just that plain and simple.

Let's take Family Guy for example: nobody goes after Seth MacFarlane and the writers for what Stewie says and YES Stewie has said homosexuality is a choice (when Peter's father came to visit and he created his own religion to worship the Fonz)...in addition to many other tasteless jokes about the handicap and the eldery....so I have to mention South Park.

Just to be sure you do know that cartoons do not talk on their own, they are drawn and their words/voices come from another source.

Here are some options: deal with it; boycott 30 Rock, try to get him fired from the show; call him a closet case, a no talent hack, do whatever you want...but there are so many other people doing the same thing...


@ Differing View aka Tracy Morgan Fanqueen:

You're not very smart are you?
Just because people dislike someone's comedy or object to an act doesn't mean we have to boycott or STFU. Miss Morgan put her act out there and we can say whetever want. And he's not worth getting fired, it will happen soon enough.

Oh and if 'so many other people' call her a no talent hack, umm, maybe there is truth in numbers? Just a thought, hon. Just a thought.

Oh and isn't recess time over, lov?


Nice try Differing view, but Seth MacFarlane and both the writers of South park have spoken for gay marriage. Family Guy and South park have mocked the whole idea that being gay is a choice. Did we forget the Butters goes to ex-gay camp story?

Chris Cruz

LOLz @ Differing View:

South Park was just just in the news for its use of the word f-g. A but much but to prove a point. South Park and Family Gu. Iy may be raw but they have supported gays and attacked right wingers.

Your "Differing View" is not really different. Everyone doesnt HAVE to look like everything. We can have whatever opinion we want. Just because someone doesnt like liek Tracy Morgan doesnt mean we're trying to ban him or demand he be fired.

You sound just like self hating black queens who were defending Larry Johnson's 1st amendment "right" to call people f-gs.

Chris Cruz

Oh and you're fool too. In Family Guy episode, Stewie is supposed to be a closeted self hating gay. iin that episiode, he latched on to Peter's very Catholic gay hating father. It's tongue in cheek of course bc everyone knows Stewis ios gay except for him.



@ Lashawnda: You clearly have no brain! NO ONE WANTS HIM BUT YOU!!

I know me personally, I would not touch him to scratch him, no matter what floated his boat.

You should be ashamed for even existing to say that anyone wants him!! Read the comments, fish and go back to the ocean!

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