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06 November 2009


Former COGIC

This is beyond foolishness. And you know exactly where he is getting this crazy mess from. These black churches (the white ones, too) that encourage people to hate LGBTs and stand idly by when ppl are bashed, beaten and killed.

God doesnt tell people to hate and kill. God is supposed to tell people to "love". smh

Lang B

I have officially heard it all.

Nathan James

When the day comes that a gay-basher tells the police he was "encouraged to hate" by his pastor, will they prosecute the pastor for inciting violence? Because that is EXACTLY what pastors and churches do, when they condone, or promote hatred from the pulpit. Freedom of speech and religion do not extend to hate speech, especially when it creates the risk that someone will be hurt or killed as a result.

When suspect Bellamy says "God made me hate gay people", what he's actually saying, as COGIC above points out, is "My pastor told me God hates gays, therefore it's OK for me to hate and beat them up." I wish just once, just one time, that these "preachers of hatred" could see, close-up, the effect their words have. Drunken drivers used to get sentenced to do community service in the emergency room, where they could see the havoc they cause in people's lives. I daresay we need to start sentencing gay-bashers (and those who incite their hatred) to the same thing...


"God told me to hate gay people."


religious brainwashed people.

Danny Rivera

Interesting. Weren't some people defending Drew Gooden's right to call people "faggots" by "freedom of speech" and claiming he was provoked? And this man seeing a gay man in drag for Halloween ... he's not saying he was similarly provoked?

Hate speech is hate speech. And the violent words often do turn to violence.


COGIC is right. This kind of thinking starts in these gay bashing churches. The pastors are obsessed with hating gay and tell everyone else they should hate gays. Vis a vis violence against gays is okay. You never hear the same churches and pastors condemn anti gay violence because they know they more or less created it.

Chris Cruz

@ Whatuthink:

I don't think it's hilarious at all. Unfortunately many people share the same views. Several people were hurt.

We just say our rights taken away in Maine by this same thinking. The Catholic Church ran a fearmongering campaign and tv commercials claimed Maine would be forced to teach gay sex to children in schools.

Of course, you said the other day it was okay for a pro athlete to call fans "fags" that teased him so maybe you don't get it


I am so waiting on the newsline that says that a gay man killed a gay basher and was quoted saying, "Enough is enough. Your hate will lead to your own death, not mine!"

Derrick from Philly

I don't think that ugly ass nigra' has ever been in a church is whole miserable little life.

They don't allow you to wear too much drag or make-up in prison, but they'll see what they can do with "her"--she got hair...then again, maybe Ryker's Island is more liberal.


Derrick I was just about to say the same thing. She sure does have some pretty hair. The boys will like that upstate.


Danny & Chris Cruz... you still losing sleep over me. GEEZ. That's been how many days ago now???


More hate based on lies, I wonder if his God also made him a thief or told him stealing is good??


At least there won't be any foolishness about whether or not this was a hate crime, like the D.C. bashing and others. The suspect offered the charge up. When his "friends" are caught, they'll receive the same judgement.


Nathan James said: “I wish just once, just one time, that these ‘preachers of hatred’ could see, close-up, the effect their words have.”

I wish I could believe, Nathan, that the “punishment” you describe would make any difference. I believe, instead, that the pastors who incite anti-gay violence would actually take pleasure in seeing the suffering that their hate speech causes.

Nathan James

@Jim: He is no pastor who would delight in the suffering of human beings. But you're right, on reflection, I think some pastors would enjoy seeing us beaten and/or killed. SMH!



Shane M

@ Nathan: "I wish just once, just one time, that these 'preachers of hatred' could see, close-up, the effect their words have."

Oh, I think they know exactly what effect their words have. They know what people are doing and they know what they have encouraged. Thats why the religious right was so afraid of the hate crimes bill.


yeah, and where are the thug-worshipping church queens who say being called the f-word is no big deal? i mean really, where are those f_gs? gay bashing is the physical manifestation of the hatred created by these churches, religions and pastors? how do they explain this?


people need 2 hop off BELLAMY'S nuts ok he did something wrong that dont make him no different from anybody else....i bet if a gay guy did the same 2 a non gay guy he wouldnt get the same charges if he even get charged for it

Gay people don't usually physically attack (and often kill) straight people just because they are "straight". Oh and did God 'tell" him to steal 7 bucks, too? Nice try, girls. I give it a C. -RM

howard henderson

Fck all u muthafukas tht dont kno robert..mateer fact a man shouldnt be dressed like a bitch ne way..u punk niggas..how u kno da fagot wuznt tryna hit on me nd he wuz protecting himself..so shut the fck up people
One more time but in English please. "Protecting himself" by following two men on foot while he was in a car? Whatever. And Robert really isn't that cute but the niggas behind bars might want to hit that. - RM

Ten in My Timbz

Heeeheee at thug papi Bellamy's internet thugs coming on the gay blog to defend him. Robert has some pretty skin and hair. I bet he is REAL popular in Mineola right now. Dayumn, I would hit that. HARD.


Miss Mel said: "ok he did something wrong that dont make him no different from anybody else."

Uh you call attacking, beating and robbing two gay men "wrong"? I call that assault and robbery. And sorry I don't have a criminal record. Not everyone does, girlfriend.

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