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07 November 2009



HOT DAMN! On to the second hurdle: the Senate.

Former COGIC

This is good news although I'm sorry to hear gay/LGBT families would be screwed. Kind of expected that unfortunately. But very good news on early HIV treatment, that would be important to black community and black gay men, since we often diagnose later.

Good deal Rod on the reporting all day. Glad to see your updates. Now get some sleep or go out and have a good time! ;)


positive step, though those horrible anti-abortion provisions were part of the bargain.


Did you all see the republican carrying an infant or was that just an elaborate dream sequence I had?


@ Mr. FAMU

Unless we were having the same nightmare, I saw it too. What a disgrace to exploit a child like that. And the child wasn't his.


It really pushed abortions almost back to the back alley days. That's a little scary. I wanted to be able to go to the hospital and be with my partner if he falls ill. I want to be able to define my partner's needs, and not his family, when it's time for him to pass on. Hopefully, in these days of domestic partnerships, someone will allow the lgbt community to see to our families.

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