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09 November 2009


Face and Waist

yes yes yes
JB! a lil young daddy!

oh and marvin, grrrrrrrrl



SO where can WE see this doc? They are ADORABLE but I want to be able to document the "coming out" of a group because they will all be out by Spring. I love it. They are B2K without the disturbing management and inappropirate behavior of the team around them.

I love these guys! They are really adorable!


What Rev Kev said.
These boys are adorable and II love their public persona. It's sexy, fun, sweet and gay friendly. I am not sure who is supposed to be straight or gay but they all seem very comfy and gheyish in these photos.

Oh and Marvin. Kiehls and sushi? Really? That last pic is just tooooo much.

Thanks for bringing them to us, Rod. ;)


I say again...So just being young, skinny, shirtless and without facial hair gets the Gays swooning...U just gotta love this superficial lifestyle...LOL
... As you deliberately skip stories on health care, marriage equality, gay rights, hate crimes, homophobic athletes, gay film directors, etc. That was just just this morning. You're "creative" alright lol -RM


@ Creative Hustler:

Very telling that you say this in the two stories about JLS and ignored at least a dozen stories in between. The eye candy is a nice break from story after story about out rights being taken away and black LGBTs being beaten and killed. You know, the ones you never comment on.

Moving along...
How can I see this documentary? And thanks for the screen caps! Would love to inspect JB up close. Although something tells me that Marvin and definitely Aston already have lol


LOL...Even though I was just joking I'll respond...

I've commented on other stories in the past and read most of them all (with substance)...I'm even following Rod's twitter account...But when I post an opinion (in joke form) that uses no foul or derogatory language I get a personal lashing from Rod himself....Yet people that just log on for the latest dirt on Omarion, Chris Brown, Jensen Atwood and Terell Carter get a ass...SMH
You have never left comments from this screen name or email address. If the blog isn't up to your "creative" standards, don't read, hon. Bye. -RM

Sean Beasley

lol @ not so creative's hustle

really? so it's the lack of facial hair that you object to? are you a bear?

i'll say it, i will do all of those young men fiercely. they will swoon, swoon, swoon. lol


Creative, you interrupted their wet dream. LOL! That's their "relationship".

How about this relationship? Use only one name here. -RM

Garçon Stupide

Errrrrr... how did I miss this? :(


@ Creative Hustler

Sure you're right. Frankly, I want to see some hairless ass shots of these young men.

The problem with joking is that we can only gauge people by what they type on the screen. We don't know you personally and we can't see you face to face. When you constantly make certain types of comments of the same ilk, then that becomes your MO. If I had made a joking comment of that sort, people around here would know that I'm just being sarcastic because of the many serious comments I have made in the past concerning gay issues and views. You may have just been kidding, but we wouldn't know that.


cute...but they are SO HOW YOU DOIN?! ALL ROOIIIGGHHTTT?!?!?!?!

And the one with the fierce, bone straight, Kate Gosselin updo..?

honey...Honey...HONEY CHILE..NO.


but the pics are cute though! I give the UK credit for being MORE open to fluid sexuality/sexual ambiguity, etc.

The US has a LONG way to go to getting to that place of acceptance...


"top rated television program in the UK: ITV2's JLS Revealed."

I love the site Rod, but that's pretty lazy. Nothing on ITV2 has ever been close to being the "top rated television" programme!


Rod you are FIERCE with those italic comments. I love it, I love it, I love it. They can't handle the heat, honey. They can't handle it!

Silly rabbits. They will never get the last word. So whey even try to come for you over nonsense?

I'm not a big fan of these JLS young'ns but they seem fun. Give me Jerome Bettis or Dhani Jones any ole day. Can't wait till you give us some more football beef.


JB's nipples are like quarters. Hmmmm tastes like pop stars

Honut SInti


I just love your turn of the phrase "...MORE open to fluid sexuality/sexual ambiguity, etc..."






@fq I LOVE me some Jerome Bettis, too. YesSah! Lol


@ FQ and Paul 561

Okay! Thanks for the tasty lil chicken snack Rod. Time for some beef!

But JB aint bad tho ... lol



Yes ms. boo and Sammy Sosa really DOES have vitilgo!


thanks for playing. enjoy your day.


JB and Marvin is a CocoDorm moment waiting to happen. iLive!

Jody Hyde

Can people in the U.S. not watch the video?
I have tried to load it and apparently it is scrambled here...



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