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29 November 2009



now we see where miss donnie mcclurkin and the ex gays get their inspiration....

Grambling State

Notice you never see the Jamaican track team fan club in any of these posts. Or the others where there is news of JA gays killed and tortured.

But they'll be the first to praise Usain and Asafa and demand more stories about the "incredible" and "honorable" men of the track.


Tony DR

"Who would "choose" to be gay in a culture where gays are routinely hounded by lynch mobs and killed for sport?"

Excellent question. The same goes for here in this country, who would want to choose to have their rights voted away or be a gay bash victim?

Nathan James

Jamaica is at the top of my "Do Not Go There" list. Ignorant, hate-filled "professionals" like Dr. Irons are a big reason why, but the Jamaican government and society have so much to answer for regarding their conduct towards gays, as well. State-sanctioned or -encouraged murder of Jamaica's LGBT population is, as in countries like Iran, nothing less than terrorism. Dr. Irons is merely reinforcing the attitudes and myths that get gays and lesbians killed and assaulted every day on that awful island.


Down, Grambling State. You hit it right on the head.

John Ozed

Elton John apparently had the correct song title about Jamaica on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.


I suppose it's an improvement that this doctor is at least acknowledging the genetic component to homosexuality, but the rest of his "professional" expertise leaves something to be desired. Doing his part to fuel the murderous homophobia in Jamaica.


well im a a big Jamaica track team and Usain bolt fan. Im from the caribbena and I think this guy is full of BS
I read hat article and it truly sucks as it seeks to further demonise gay men in Jamaica...
very sad

Corve DaCosta



Sometimes we need to pick our battles and honestly this is not one of them.

Derrick from Philly

Theees, my friends, eees a Cola nut. You sheck de tree, and it fall to the de ground.

Jason Barnes

This is why we all need to boycott Jamaica for one, and stop listening to those monkey's. ( yes i am a black man calling them monkey's) why because they are for nothing but the destruction of the diverse african diasporic community. They are like black nazis in my opinion

Anthony in Nashville

While I disagree with most of his opinions, I'm not so sure that he's wrong when it comes to women being more "flexible" with their sexuality, at least in terms of being socially acceptable.

I know several women who enter into sexual relationships with other women depending on what is going on with their boyfriends. And I can't be the only one who knows lesbians who get down with men every once in a while.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are multiple surveys and studies that indicate that women's sexuality can be said to shift over time depending on their emotional connections, stage in life, etc.

alicia banks


only abusive weak men fear lesbians as alternatives for the females they betray and fail...

i am so sick of gaybashing black fools!!!

alicia banks

sex is not sexuality.

no gender has a monopoly on sexuality or sexual id.

het/bi women who experiment with both genders sexually are not lesbians...they are playing with lesbian sex.

and they are no more experimental than het/bi men...ie who play with gay men daily/in prison/in clubs etc

labels are for cans.

but all humans can accurately wear a label that reads "EQUALLY diverse"

alicia banks

i know many lesbians who never have or never have had sex with mem

i never have sex with men nor does my wife!

most het women do not have vaginal orgasms...

but i do NOT know ANY man (het or gay) who does not think that any penis is an irresistible magic wand for all women and men...and this is why men suffer so via male gaybashers!

most males are sexists who assume
that all women MUST want a man...

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