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07 November 2009


Andrew H

The JLS boys are back! I love them all and Marvin is sodamsexy. Woof!

Garçon Stupide

It's about time we had a proper black, British boyband again. Anyone remember MN8, Ultimate Kaos and Damage from the 90s?

Garçon Stupide

Oh and isn't it great that they aren't doing the whole BORING thug thing? If JLS were an American group they'd be covered in tatts, scowls, durags and shades etc. Fingers crossed they don't go down that road...

Lang B

MMM! Garcon Stupide - you are so correct about the thug -tats thing.

Eaton W1B

Love these JLS updates :)


I love me some Marvin. He can so get it. I like his little tight booty, too.


cream.. don't ask what that means.... he does it for me..


Yes yes yes!
Marvin and JB are the bizness!
The sexy MFers.

Love their swagger. Love it!

Thanks for introducing me to these boys, Rod.

Sunday Dinner

P-Lease!! he's missin body


>>P-Lease!! he's missin body

And you're missing a backbone, Miss I'm Going to Defend Millionaire Straight Athletes Who Call People Fags.

Read the JLS cover story from Gay Times that Rod posted a few weeks back. All the boys came out and said they had no tolerance for people who were homophobic and/or call gay people names. Sad isn't it, that some teenybopper boybanders have more sense than gay men? Even if they're saying it or doing it just to cultivate a gay fanbase, at least they are smart enough to follow public opinion and cast themselves in a good light.

I'm sure you find Warren G, Busta Rhymes and obviously Larry Johnson much more sexy. We understand. Leave JLS to those of us who like them, m'kay. smdh

Will K

Marvin and JB are the hottest ones, no? I'd give either one a go.

Something tells me that they've all sampled some of Aston's goodies, tho, right? lol

Garçon Stupide

LOL @ Will K... From the moment I saw them on X Factor I assumed Aston was gay.

I think it's a toss-up between Marvin, JB and Aston though - they're all hot as hell in different ways. Poor Ortise draws the short straw, bless him.


Aston and Marvin live together in London.

If you ever watch the file-on-the-wall show they do "JLS Exposed" they seem so much like a couple it's not even funny.

I live in hope though!


So just being young, skinny, shirtless and without facial hair gets the Gays swooning...Gotta love it...LOL

Garçon Stupide

Young, skinny, half-naked and smooth? Damn who'd want that?

Gimme an old, fat, suit with Bin Laden-style facial hair any day of the week!

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