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25 November 2009



Just sexy.

WOW. Not sure why I haven't always checked for KOBE but he's a beautifully handsome brother and I always appreciate how strong and well-versed he seems in interviews.

These Tom Ford suits are sexy on him!

Not a Lakers Fan

I hate the Lakers fan and am a certified Kobe hater but will admit the man is CARRYING ON. Wow.

Okay back to my Kobe hateration lol ...

Not a Lakers Fan

You need to just a get a room. You are so obviously crushing on Kobe. Ohmy and I thought you were so cool too lol ;)

Face and Waist

so many kobe haters. don't hate on the man because he grew up in europe and speaks three or four languages.

and can wear a suit, can he wear a suit

oow i am getting moist just looking at these

Term Papers

Thanks looking for more good techniques...;)


That Tom Ford suit is hot, and looks good on Kobe. I love the guy because he is intelligent and worldly. Plus, it is so sexy when he speaks Italian.

I Aim to Please

wtf? to hell with punk azz Kobe Bryant and to hell with those punk azz Lakers...i want to see some real ballers like Iverson and Mello! and when are you bringing Kevin Garnett back????

i give you props for ron artests but i wanna see some real nikkaz!


I started hating Kobe too for a minute when he broke up my team- after Shaq left and cheated on his wife and lied but I have since forgiven him and he is one of my faves again!


I was never a Kobefan either, but the he looks good. And y'all know I love a brotha in a suit.......


I hate Kobe and the Lakers, but I have to admit that he is Hella sexy.....And I hate the fact that I think that he is sexy. When i see him and hear him talk, it drives me crazy.

Dallas Cowboy

Not a Kobe fan either but dayumn the man is phine. And he is wearing the F outta that Tom Ford and D&G. Damn his azz lol

Mikey--He Likes It

I'm sure Tom Ford would just love that!!!


dont find him the least attractive

Honut Sinti

To paraphrase Ms. Nancy Wilson:

"...Please go away Kobe boy before I ask you to stay..."


He has always looked like a rat to me.

james williams

i can,t stand kobe bryant. why in the hell would you all put a dam (RAPEST)in your mag. unlike the others. kobe is not good looking to me. and yes you may say that the rape happen years ago. rape is rape.once you rape someone that NEVER goes away. but because he can play ball really well and he is rich. forget what he has done. you all are truly just saying money and fame goes before anything else. SAME on you guys.

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