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09 November 2009


Thomas R

This film was incredible. Thank you for the update and how fabulous to see Lee made the Out 100! He deserves it if anyone does!

Derrick from Philly

I'm glad to hear that the film is such a critical and financial success. I hope to see it soon.

And Lee Daniels looks great at fifty years old, and all that gorgeous hair. I'm evil...and very proud of and grateful to Mister Lee Daniels.

Oh, and a couple of cheers for Opray and Tyler too.


I am in NJ and torn between waiting a few days to see it when it comes here this weekend and rushing into NYC to see it.

The piece says he would be the first gay African-American director but wouldn't he also be the first African-American director, period. Also, who was the 1st gay director? Wouldn't he have that distinction, too?

Lee Daniels is just witty and snappy, crazy (as in FEARLESS) and someone I think is just what Hollywood needed when he came along and pushed boundaries again and again. I am so hopeful and hope-filled that with the right story, the real story of a love affair of color between 2 men MIGHT get told with him at the helm.

If so or not (I'll do it), he's a Master at his Craft and I look forward to PRECIOUS. Every single review has been stunning!

Derrick from Philly


Of course, I meant, OPRAH.

It must be withdrawal, darlins. And hallucinations. Maybe I thought I was Minnie Pearl at the Grand Old Opray? "Howdeeee!"


It’s amazing, but this movie is going to make Sapphire a wealthy woman. I wonder if she ever dreamt of such a thing? If you’ve never read Push, the book “Precious” is based on, then you’re missing something.

I didn’t care for “Monster’s Ball” so much, but “Woodsmen” was quite the courageous film. Good on Lee Daniels.

And I totally agree, Derrick. His hair in that picture is gorgeous.


Just saw the movie last nite and it was amazing. Mo'nique is monstrously brilliant and deserves an Oscar, period. Gabby also deserves an Oscar nod for a wonderful performance from a first time actress. Mariah and Sherri Shepherd (The View) should get the "That's WHO??!" Award, cuz they left the audience stunned.

Lang B

He is inspiring - OPEN. He is showing "hollyweird" that being a gay film maker is not being one dimensional- not that there would be is anything wrong if he chose to do gay themed films.


Such an AWESOME movie and I haven't seen it yet...ALL THE BEST FOR HIM!!!


I wanted to wait so see what others have to say as I have not yet seen the movie. Not meaning to be mean, but I just don't like what Oprah has done to some of my favorite novels that she's made into movies. In fact, I have not liked any from 'Beloved' to 'Their Eyes . . .'Push' is one of those re-reads and didn't want to see it bastardize. I can remember reading the novel and didn't want it to end. Kudos to the brother for doing an excellent job as director. Already have friends all over searching for theaters to view this in their city.


I love Lee Daniels. Its ironic Tyler Perry is presenting along with Opray (you got it right Derrick!) He's everything Perry is not: edgy, dark, interesting, risk taking. And I think Tyler knows that. And I love the pic, he looks like a sexy, eccentric genius!


Yeah, it is ironic considering Tyler Perry such a "confirmed bachelor". I guess this his way of "reaching out" to the black LGBT fold by helping out-of-the-closet Lee Daniel...

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