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22 November 2009



God rest your soul, Jorge!!!


Lord, please, have mercy on us for our actions as a race of human beings. We are people trying, humans being.

Chris Cruz

Prayers to Jorge and his family. Bless his beautiful madre and the memory of her son.


Another shining star is dimmed much too soon. My heart goes out to Jorge's family and to the many other families out there that are going through the same thing.

It still amazes me how the human race can be both amazingly beautiful and also, EXTREMELY ugly and VILE! I know the violence will NEVER stop, but I'm beginning to wonder if it will even decrease at all. The stories are becoming more frequent and the violence is becoming more perverse. As Rev Kev said, "Lord have mercy on us......"


Clearly in many areas across the nation there is a war on gay youth and on gays in general. I would encourage any gay person who feels threatened at school or at work, at home or in their neighborhood to learn how to use a firearm, to arm themselves, and to use their firearms wisely. Take out your attackers before they harm you.


If anyone knows her, please forward this lines to Miriam Mercado,

Dear, dear Miriam,
A few days ago this terrible news about your son reached us here in Scandinavia. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And grief took many I spoke to. Please allow us to send you our sincerest thoughts from the far.
Later we have seen you in two different sequences, appealing your most beautiful words to
the rest of us: “May Love conquer Hate… always!”. You are right there, and not alone!

Miriam, you are one outstanding and loving woman, and a very brave one.
You have grace, a beautiful soul and one strong heart. Many would be proud to call a mother like you’re their own. And so sincerely did your son…. may he rest in peace.

These lines are mend to send you our best wishes, and if anyhow possible… a little bit of

Love, from Stockholm- Sweden

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