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10 November 2009


Doug Cooper Spencer

With so many black lawmakers continually standing behind gay rights, how is it that people think the black community, as a whole is so rabidly homophobic? It's usually the white lawmakers who stand in the way.

Nathan James

@Doug Cooper Spencer: I wonder the same thing sometimes. If even Sen. Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain (and perennial thorn in the department's side) is supporting gay marriage, then I can't understand why people of color as a community can't. Oh, wait, they're worried we will want to marry in "their" straight-oriented churches. Can't have those impressionable children thinking they live in a diverse society, heaven forbid! SMH...


@ Rod:

I saw Sen. Adams' quotes on other blogs and had no idea he was black. Thanks a million for posting his picture and always reminding us that our BLACK governor is pushing for gay marriage. I hate to say this but it almost seems like the white gay blogs want to encourage black vs gossip tensions...I know Queerty does...

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