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11 November 2009


Face and Waist


What memories!
Chile...I used to hang out there all day and night back in the day. Those sisters watched over the children like mother hens and hawks. The music and the trade was loooooow baby. SMH

God bless the Starlight. Its always the holes in the walls with the best drinks and fiercest music!

Nathan James

How sad. The Starlite was a haven for Bed-Stuy's black gay community (and it completely changed the way I looked at Bed-Stuy...LOL!). I hope the Starlite's owners and the landowners can work something out. It wouldn't be gay New York without the Starlite.

Chi-Chiz is the black gay fixture of the Village, but the Starlite symbolizes black gay BROOKLYN!


For the record, the Marquett Lounge on Hunter Street in Atlanta Georgia was and continues to be a gay bar. A check of the city directories has the bar on the west side of Atlanta before 1955. The owner the late Cliford Hunter was a gift to Atlanta African-American Community.

Keep in mind most bars have a "Gay" client(s), Most men will pick up a date in any bar.

Honut SInti

Reminds me of a similar fate of a 50 year old DC neighborhood bar--Nob Hill-- suffered years ago.


Wow, lemme get off the A one stop early and go sign this petition, I drunkenly skimmed the original email I received on this and thought it was about building repair shuttering Starlite for a while - now at work (sober!) I realize this is serious! This place has a reputation in my age group (mid-20s) of being a much older crowd, but I have some of the best memories of the place when I was barely legal LOL. Thanks for posting this Rod, hopefully people will act and help save Starlite, it's historic baby!

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