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19 November 2009



Great to have u back Rod.
And great news for Caster.


Good news for Caster!


I'm really glad she gets to keep her medal! However, I am not sure she should be able to compete any further.



A nice moment of justice in these very sad LGBTQ times.

I am with Isis, in that I am going to be watching how they treat her going forward!


She's a woman with a birth defect. Of course she should be allowed to run. This wasn't even an issue until she started winning.



I disagree. If she has higher than normal levels of testosterone, that gives her an unfair advantage. Maybe there is surgical procedure to remove the testes and decrease the level of testosterone in her system. I just think it has to be fair and its not about discrimination, its about fairness.

Also, I wonder how Semenya is REALLY doing! Does she even want to run again? I wouldn't blame her if she didn't after the way she was treated! These were people she thought she could trust.


some runners have stronger cardio vascular systems. others don't build up lactate acid in their muscles at the same rate as others. do we disqualify them too? she is a young woman and should be treated as such.


You do make a Good point Freeleo, but I think this situation is different than the ones you mentioned. I guess we will just have to wait and see what decisions are made in regards to Semenya.


Frankly, all I can think about is that this 18 year old woman just wanted to excel in her chosen talent/passion. She played by the rules, apparently, and that ultimately lead to her being violated in such a public manner. Of course she is in "trauma couseling"...who wouldn't be under the circumstances?

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