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30 November 2009


TheRevKev (Elder Kevin E. Taylor)

I'm confused.

Is there any reason, other than she's a Black woman, that this went to this level? John McEnroe's outburts got him endorsements!!!!!


I don't these type of fines (in this amount) being givien to McEnroe or Agassi. Two of the biggest bad boys of tennis. What's up with that?


THANK YOU REV KEV! While I wish she hadn't done that, she was only doing what so many others have done. The Foot Fault call was BOGUS and many experts have confirmed it. But anyway, that $82,000 is a drop in the bucket for and she will return to the US Open next year and hopefully walk away with the Trophy!


WOW, I think this is very unfair and even McEnroe would agree because at the event in question, he even said that the call would cause Serena to loose and that her foot did not touch the line. I think since they are being outrageous with the fine and no other player who did similar outbursts, should cause Serena to demand that an INSTANT REPLAY call go into effect to see if for sure the player's foot actually touched or went over the line. Currently, there is no rule to do an instant replay and that is what I would demand for my 82,500 if I was her.


I'm with BLACK: If I have to pay a "drop" of $82k, then let's go all the way!!! I need an instant replay, a formal apology, and at least $165,000.00 (2x the fine) for wasting my time!!

Ashley V. (London, England)

I agree with Rev. Kevin E. Taylor 100%. The best thing Serena can do from this point onwards is to beat everyone (except Venus) and keep winning titles. Serena is a warrior; this fine will only make her stronger. She is not to be tangled with. This whole foolishness is a way to drive Serena out of tennis because these people cannot stand to see a black person lift trophy after trophy. But she isn't going anywhere until SHE decides the time is right. I'm just glad she hasn't been suspended because if she had, I would have been even more p***ed off.

Lang B

Funny, I never folowed tennis as a kid but I do know who John McEnroe is. My memories have ALWAYS been of him being foul mouthed,tennis racquet cracking and very confrontational yet Serena gets villified for an out of character episode. Very Racially motivated - poor (docile) Asian official get's abused by ANGRY Black Woman- PSHH!


The ITF took too long and then came up with this ridiculous fine, and, as a tennis fan, the racists have been out in full force, which they have on tennis blog's for the past 10 or 15 years that the sisters have been playing. And, the worst racism has been as usual on gay, blog's that covered the story, which is even more amazing since most of the guys seem to only follow men they deem "cute/hot" and don't even play the sport.

Serena was way out of line for these comments, but, the fine should have been enacted within couple off days and put it to rest, and, I as a tennis fan don't think the fine was race related, it was more of a fear t oappease the angry whites and keep the most popular player the WTA has playing, to the chagrin of many, Serena Williams is the face of women's and men's for that matter professional tennis.

And, oh yeah, way to go Roger on ending the year as co-#1 with Serena!


The racist comments from tennis fans have never stopped since the Williams Sisters came into the scene a decade ago. To them the sisters can never do anything right.

I can't wait for the Aussie Open next year, to see Serena kick Kim Clijsters' ass. Bcoz we all know she can.

Gee Gee

I don't usually jump on the RACIST bandwagon, but that's exactly what it is. And what RACIST blogs are you all talking about? The "white" blogs mostly Of course!(Not to mention more than a few on the black one's).

Why visit those blogs, they don't share in black gay interest anyway. And why subject your eye's and emotions to such hatred dealt by groups of people who themselves are fighting for equal rights. Hypocrisy at its best, so what do you expect.

Anyway, Serena is still my girl, and I hope she kick tail. The more things change, the more they stay the same. WOW!

James M

Oh that was deep Gee Gee: The more things change the more they stay the same! If thats not screaming the truth I dont know what is!

Jordan pond

As a woman of color, I found Serena's behavior to be disgusting. Months later, seeing the replays, I feel the same way. Tensions or not, bad call or not, when we lose the dignity of our sporting competitiveness, and display this loutish behavior to our children who look up to these people as idols, we are sending a very dangerous message.

Serena was wrong. Race has no place in the discussion.

She was rude, abrasive and ugly.
When Mac did it, he too, was rude abrasive and ugly.

Neither athlete should be rewarded for unsportsman/woman-like behavior.

Gee Gee

@Jordan pond,

Your daughter should be looking to "YOU" as a role model, not Serena Williams.

If you missed the double standard in regard to the fine, history of the sport, and the apparent racism that exist within in, to me the comments you made are just the common/typical comments made to describle Serena from another critical black women.

But we all have a right to our opinion hmph!!!

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