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23 November 2009


Baltimore Femme

Just reading this story breaks my heart. So young and killed so violently. And just the latest.

Lord, please bless this family and give them strength.

Lang B

You decapitae someone in self defence or panic???
He did not know it was a man?
I mean REALLY in this day and age?
THis is so SAD and getting frightening.


Lang B: Trans panic defenses are still popular in the US, so it doesn't surprise me to see them employed elsewhere. Pardon me if I'm cynical for thinking that they will work as well there as they have here. This is a tragedy, and Matos is a monster, and yet I doubt he will face justice. :(

History Major

I can understand someone defending themselves and this resulting in the death of the person attacking them.

But I do not understand how you A. Decapitate someone, B. Dismember them, C. Set them on fire, and D. Discard the body on the side of the road.... "In self defense"

I'm not legal expert but doesn't self defense even when you kill someone usually entail calling the authorities and not going extra steps to kill an already dead person?

This is just so much FAIL.

And then the "I was molested so that's why I sought him out and then eventually killed him" defense is just reprehensible.

This is a crazy and I do mean crazy world.


Sadly, the trans panic defense might work. How many times have we heard a straight guy say that if a gay guy came on to him that he would kill him? Now imagine a jury full of these straight men.

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