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21 November 2009



Yuck. The Africans are really leaving me with distaste for the motherland.

Mel Smith

Instead of moving forward, Uganda is moving backwards.

They are actually introducing 19th century anti gay laws that once existed in Europe.


Hewe we go again..I'm so tired of this non-sense...When these African dictators say that homosexuality is a European imported behavior and quote a European imported holy book(The Bible)..I get confused...I can only say that you can persecute gays as much as you want and as long as you can..But you won't wipe out homosexuality from your country..I'm African and I know what I'm talking about...


My mother's family is from Uganda. Thankfully almost everyone has safely escaped the country. I cannot even begin to tell you how disorganized and corrupt the government has become. They constantly talk about the gays to deflect attention from the real problems. Oh and Mrs Museveni is very antigay herself the witch.

D. Askew

Always good to hear news about our gay brothers and sisters in Africa, good or bad. We have it so much better than them and most of us (black LGBTs) refuse to even come out.

Derrick from Philly

I understand how you feel, FAISON. But remember, most Africans are ordinary people dealing with incredibly bad circumstances. Most Africans probably love their gay sons and daughters, and don't want any harm to come to them. All Africans are not phony hypocrites like their leaders (political & religious).

The continent continues to suffer.

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