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27 November 2009



Osby Davis is quite well known in the Bay Area for being evangelical and homophobic. Many of the evangelicals, white and black, are trying to push back against many gay men moving from San Francisco into Vallejo. Its much cheaper.

And as always, good looking out, great story.


Davis won by 2 votes? Wow! Great example for why every person should vote; every vote counts. I say crusify the bible-thumping Negro!

Honut Sinti

"christian attorney" applied here seems to be an oxymoron.


and there is certainly no shortage of church punks in Vallejo

Chitown Kev

Well I certainly thank the kind mayor for his concern about my salvation.

And I suppose that by the biblical standards that he is espousing it would be perfectly all right that he worked on the plantation.

I have no more tolerance for black folks that want to use the same books to subjugate others that was used to subjugate them. None. Zip. Nada.

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