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06 November 2009


Mr. Gay Seattle XXXIII

Rod you keep me smiling. I am so proud of my state. Now if only I could find a partner LOL.


After last nights results came in, I felt like I could finally breathe easy. This is a great victory!

Andy Niable

And we did it without a speech by Obama or an endorsement from Eric Holder.

We here in Washington State worked VERY hard, in only a few weeks, to raise over $1.5 million (nearly all of it from WITHIN the state), built a coalition of over 500 community groups, including churches, labor, communities of color, as well as motivating the "base"--and it worked.

Maine folks worked just as hard, uphill against a strong Catholic and Mormon opposition, and yes, it is sad they lost. But just as Rod pointed out we've failed here only to later win, Maine will someday prevail.

Regroup, reassess, strategize, and come back swinging, Maine.


progress is a journey!
See La Nocca be a complete MESS in the short JESUS' SECRETARY on youtube.com


This is truly a great victory and it cannot be undervalued. Will this become the new template for advancing gay rights in this country?


Wow, Andy. Any opportunity to troll about Obama, even to rain on your own parade?

I'm very very excited about the Washington win. Very glad to see the equality can still win at the ballot. It's a great piece of news in an otherwise sad news cycle.

Unfortunately I don't think its fair to compare what happened in both states. R71 was about preserving a very strong DP law. Q1 was about abolishing marriage. Washington doesnt have same sex marriage and actually bans marriage equality. I'm not sure if the results would have been much different if this were a marriage ballot.

That being said, given the DNC's pathetic non presence in Maine or Washington (and its now revealed downright lying about Maine), it's truly remarkable you would even bring up the president to gloat. Surely by now you've heard the DNC and Obama's OFA were caught lying about their emails to Maine voters? And more?

Danny Rivera

Congratulations to all the great people in Washington who voted FOR equality and AGAINST hate. They should be very proud of this huge victory.


YES!!! The name doesn't matter as much as the benefits in my opinion.


I know there were some churches involved in the fight for equality and that's good, but Washington state is also the most atheist/non-religious state in the country. Is there a correlation?

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