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23 November 2009


Gee Gee

There is such a double standard here!!! I wonder will the FCC come after him like they did Janet Jackson? When his ENTIRE performance was MEANT to provoke and push the evelope of censorship. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. But they will forget about this in a week until the next black women show's a breast. Hmph!!!


WHOOOOH well done Adam!!!Someone had to do it eventually.Rappers, Rockers and other mainstream pop artists have done worse on stage. And yes all those complaining are homophobic. Viva gayvolution!


They need to be shocked. TV shouldn't be raising peoples kids in the first place. Everything is "for the children" fck the kids. Adults are watching TV so stop trying to bleep everything. His performance was at 11pm last night why were kids up anyway?

That said his performance was a bit underwhelming. He's a talented kid but it didn't "click" last night.


a pretty impressive piece of edgey/stunna entertainment, but the vocal presentation leaves anything to be desired (stinky sounding) and not in marriage with the overall impression provided in the performance.


If the music matched the intensity of the performance, it wouldn't have seemed as hokey. Personally, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, & Jennifer Lopez provided solid performances for the evening.-QH


@ Gee Gee, I TOTALLY feel you with how they treated her & she is just starting to shake off the effects in terms of the blackballing they gave her.-QH

History Major

J Lo? Janet?

Provided solid performances?

Were we watching the same show?


@ History Major, I was watching the same show. Not sure about you.-QH

Chitown Kev

@Gee Gee

Uh, different leadership at the FCC (as this is a different Administration) might have more to do with than anything.

Do you think that the FCC under the Bush Administration would not have come after Adam Lambert and ABC?

By the way, Adam can do better than this. His singing in this sucked big time.

And the things that women HAVE gotten away with over the years (and didn't Janet Jackson do a simulated oral sex scene, very very briefly, in her video for "If"?


I felt he tried to hard for shock value and it all ended up being an epic fail. But love the song love it love it love it.


I didn't like Adam Lamberts performance, because it looked like he trying to do too much! I think that was the theme of the night for many of the performers. I thought Lady Gaga was too EXTRA, as well as Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, J.Lo and Alicia keys (solo performance). They were alright, but sometimes keepin it simple is best. Whitney kept is simple and she did GREAT!!


yeah Im really ova both Lady Goo Goo ( seen it all in NYC before) and Adam Lambert...

I think janet was treated unfairly and I think Lamberace should also feel negative effects here!


Bravo Adam, i think it should be corrected w/ his statement and said that it is a double standard especially for certain artist from different communities (ie: black female performers - Janet, Lil Kim ect.. vs there white counterparts - Madonna who has been pushing the envelope since she has started her career and nothing wrong w/ that btw, Britney Spears ect. and of course so called "str8" male rappers and rockstars who has done everything under the moon on television but what adam is doing so supposed too much??? Yea right

And for the record i enjoyed the show, had a more mtv vma feel too it (from years ago back when there shows were actually something to watch) and i think most of the performances were going for a more over the top feel than more scaled back type of performances. Hands down Jay-Z and Ms. Keys Killed it, enjoyed Shakira's performance as well but LMAO from watching JLO's fall...not the best way to make a comeback but hopefully she links up w/ Rich Harrison again for some better singles and works out the kinks in her live performances.

And lastly, I know I am not the only person over seeing Taylor Swift winning everything on these shows out of payback from the Kanye incident...i mean best pop performer over Beyonce and Lady Gaga and then beating out Carrie Underwood for best country too??? Is she gonna win best hip hop female next???


I have to say Bravo to Lambert for truly pushing the envelope with the performance. There seems to be no problem with men grinding with scantily clad women, or women doing the same with men. The reaction from some quarters to Lambert's bi- or pan-sexual 'play' shows how uneasy people are when men engage in same-sex display


How can we talk about "double standard" when what was edited was simulated oral sex? They didn't edit the kiss. Someone please tell me when someone simulated oral sex at the AMAs and got away with it, and then I will believe the double standard stuff.

Personally, he tried too hard to shock people. Everyone was trying to shock people. The end result was a boring piece of junk. SO glad I watched the football game and DVR'd the AMAs...I would have missed a butt shot on live TV (now *he* had a double standard...if you know what I'm saying...)


I will be watching to see if there is ANY commentary by the FCC or conservative pundits regarding Adam Lambert's performance during "prime time television". I won't be holding my breath and I'm sure he will have even more of a career now...As far as the show, LOVED Janet (not her best but solid) and Whitney, Kelly C. (on point vocals). I did enjoy GaGa's theatrics but it now seems like she's taking her ugly self too seriously - it ain't all that.


Sadly, Adam began and ended his career last nite.


I absolutely love Adam and I loved this performance. I'll support him aslong as he's around to support.

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