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11 November 2009



Donnie McClurkin is the poster child for hypocritical ex gays. He iss about as ex gay as I am. And I was done FIERCELY last night.

You are the broken one Donnie. May God have mercy on your soul.


Wow, what a mess.

Nathan James

Donnie needs to stop doing the Devil's work of hatred from his pulpit. He proclaims his "former gayness" far too loudly, and spreads his vitriol to impressionable young ears. Then, thinking God has given them "permission to hate", they go out (as gay-bashing suspect Bellamy did in Lakeview over Halloween), and find a gay or lesbian victim to beat senseless.

McClurkin will one day be found "eating sugar" in the most compromising way. Will he then condemn himself?


smh @ mcclurkin's hate

donnetta, you don't fool us. the church queens love you, you are their patron saint but we know you for your dirt. we. know. you.

ooh and child, it looks like you have been eating a whole lotta suugar


I was about to go off...and then I said a quick prayer.

Donnie McClurkin has lost his mind and his ministry. He realized that preaching about brokenness and restoration wasn't pulling in the big dollars and now, he's amped up and vamped up the rhetoric and now he can command huge dollars for speaking out.

YIPPEE for you, you vile hypocrite.

It's going to be such a WOW DAY in Heaven when these liars, adulterers, hypocrites and judgmentals vipers who can themselves agents of the Lord make the Master and God says DEPART FROM ME, I KNOW YOU NOT.

The teachings of Christ are so lost on the church these days, with these ugly diatribes that do nothing towards love, healing or restoration in God. WHERE IS THE LOVE?!

I know that many folks may come on and say THIS is why they don't go to church and as a Pastor who is working so diligently to show the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST, this is the kind of hate makes soooo many people sick. (Trust me, gays and lesbians aren't the only ones who see the hypocritical nature of many churches.)

I have tried, in so many ways, to understand the broken and bruised man in his body, who was raped and who has lost all sense of himself, but at some point this man must heal and stop spewing hate. So because SOME BOYS AND GIRLS are standing up in their truth as they know it, he is calling girls EVIL (REALLY?!?!?...EVIL?!?!) and berating young boys?


I'm not worried about him talking about Tonex. Trust me, Mr. Williams can handle himself. But coming for kids...that's something to fight about! ENOUGH OF THIS PUNK WHO WON'T JUST SIMPLY UP AND TAKE BACK HIS LIFE! Stop being such a baby and take back your life. Someone tried to break you but it didn't work, so give GOD the TRUE GLORY and celebrate by living an amazing life.

Instead, Donnie Mc is pimping in the pulpit and making babies without marrying the mother (so you asked God to deliver you from homosexuality...you SAY God did it...you sleep with a woman...before you marry her...you give her a baby...and you STILL don't marry her? So God blessed you to be ANOTHER BABY DADDY?...Lord have mercy...!)

I am tired of preachers and churches getting a bad rap because some broken people are in leadership!

MY GOD...I can't even look at these videos because I cannot say that I wouldn't backslide and the wrong words might jump from my lips. It's just not right. We are in the business of healing and not hypocrisy and hysteria!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us are in the business of LOVING THE HELL (LITERALLY) OUT OF PEOPLE!!!


That does it! Someone needs to follow this gay fraud 24/7 until they gather tons of evidence of his "down low" shenanigans. Cuz you just know "sugar" is STILL being dumped in his bowl on the regular! The bowl just has a lid on it.


Work it out, Rod. Werk!

This man has hurt more lives, more youth and more black gay young people than anyone I can think of. McClurkin is a fraud and a charlatan.

Beware of false prophets!


Wow. What an idiot.-QH


This would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. I couldn't help but think of all those kids who are going to go home convinced they have a demon inside them that needs to be "prayed out." How can those people look at this man and not see the rainbows shooting out of his pores?



My heart breaks for the young people who are subjected to this abuse. So many souls have been trampled on and broken by this evil bible bashing. saddens me


Organized religion strikes again.

When will we realize that it is not our friend?

I have seen the enemy and it is organized religion.

Any gay that follows the bible is a fool.

Blessed, Saved, COGIC and Straight!

Another Donnie McClurkin story?
Rod you are a hater and obsessed with Donnie McClurkin. He doesn't want you or any other gay, please get that through your thick head. Donnie likes women now! He is all man you and the rest of the "gay" black men cannot change that! God is good!

And you will pay for trying to expose COGIC's problems. Let the church heal from within!
The last McClurkin story was 28 January 2009. Twice a year isn't quite an obsession. Speaking of "thick heads", Donnie seems to obsess daily over homosex, no? -RM


Not to lessen the massacre committed by Hasan at Ft. Hood, but everyone gets worked up over this man and his Muslim faith as possibly being the impetus for his actions. If that's the case, then I don't see any difference from the Christian faith spewing out hatred against gays and causing many deaths in its wake. Too many of these churches filled with "good Christian folk" have crammed young folks heads with despair, shame, and unworthiness that has fueled a high number of suicides, drug usage, and alcohol abuse among our gay youth. How many lives have they cost? These self-righteous church folk have spurred a high level of homophobia that causes teens and young adults to seek out and destroy too many of our LGBT brothers and sisters on the streets of America. How many lives have they cost? The church has used the word of God to put straight folks on a pedestal where they think they have the right to deny LGBT couples the right to marry each other, to keep LGBT folks living and working in fear of discrimination, or to not allow a surviving member of an LGBT relationship to simply bury a loved one. How many lives have they destroyed, ruined, or disprupted? Or the church has help foster such a sense of self-loathing in our men that they live a DL lifestyle filled with lying and manipulation that destroys families? How many lives have they cost and destroyed?

People talk about the destructiveness of fundamentalism within the Muslim faith, but they dare never to speak out about the destructiveness of fundamentalism within the Christian faith as well. Instead of suicide bombings and other mass killings, the Christian faith engages in psychological warfare which has just as much of the explosive power of a bomb. The whole thing is disgraceful.


Thank you Blessed and Saved!
Can we please hear the other side?
Oh you're straight too "Kappa"? LOLz -RM


Funny Blessed calls Rod "obsessive".
It would seem that Donnie is the one obsessed with the gays.

I'm surprised Donnie has a following. I would rather hear a positive and uplifting person at the pulpit teaching the love that God has for you over one that denigrates and preaches hate. Why do people gravitate to such negative messages?

I wouldnt be surprised if Donnie has stopped having sex with men. I cant imagine any sensible gay man wanting to even be around such a negative person like him.


Self hatred is a powerful thing and I think it's really sad that he feels the need to not only be himself but to try and preach this foolishness to others...THE CONFUSION LIVES!



You couldn't gather a bigger bunch of mentally ill people than these if you tried.

A woman singing in tongues.
A gay preacher in tears before he says a single word.
A church full of people encouraging hatred.

This Donnie guy is so obviously in pain, so very much in pain. And these people are as dangerous as the Taliban.


I know this might sound crazy and but i truly wish someone who has current "real" dirt on this man, just air it all out to expose the hypocrite he is.

This is one of the main reasons I detest anyone coming to me about going to black churches where the pastor is a rabid homophobe (but once church is over is online or parks or sex clubs getting fcked ...i.e. eddie long, and more)..but i digress.

I stopped listening to him, Deitrick Hadden, Mary Mary after they spoke this homophobic messages and i encourage you all to do the same!


Great Hera! This is Mess!

 Blessed, Saved, COGIC and Straight!



>>A woman singing in tongues.
A gay preacher in tears before he says a single word.
A church full of people encouraging hatred.

I noticed that too. It was so theatrical. Is this what attracts so many black gay men to these churches?

And did you see the big queen behind Donnie on stage? Quite femme and that was obvious. But you know in black churches straight men can act "sissifed" like Deacon Brown in Tyler Perry's movies.

Speaking of ...

Nathan James

Donnie McClurkin's next congregation: Our Lady Of The Hypocritical Mess!

The Truth

This is really sad...on so many levels. I dont know how anyone can call themselves Christian and behave/speak in such awful terms. I can't even enjoy this man's music anymore. His lyrics have provided me with comfort and solace, but now all of that is ruined because of his outlook and self-righteousness. Is it possible to separate the work from the man? IDK


sad really sad...but I guess the money he makes preaching hate is good...


Too many of our gay brothers and sisters empower these hypocrites by engaging with them on a regular basis knowing what these jerks stand for.

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