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11 November 2009


gods_dvyn _lzbn _daughter

donnie mclurkin should know he is speaking from experience about his own dealing with homosexuality....donnie when u speak that rage u r not speaking for all us homosexuals.......ur not even speaking for most "str8" peopla......u had a bad experience....fine, we will pray 4 u but dont go around spreading hate about sumthing that didnt work out 4 u!look at the man in the mirror donnie....n God bless!Ashe.....


Rod, Thank you for reporting this. I just read this from London and enjoy keeping up with things back home.

Unfortunately, DM is very much in a battle with his truest self and can only justify his rantings by turning outward and not inward. If the same amount of passion was spent doing what Jesus the Christ did (feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, housing the homeless, educating the ignorant, showing grace and mercy to the downtrodden), he would not have the time to address an issue that has nothing to do with the core teaching of Jesus — LOVE. He is desperately missing out on loving himself and, in return, is displaying that outwardly. Unfortunately, his rantings have an impressionable effect on people who cannot formulate their own opinions and are easily swayed by the savage teachings and consciousness of their immediate surroundings. I just pray that the Creator will deal with DM in Her/His own special way so that DM will see that what he is doing is causing so much more damage than good.


This is pretty sad. What is Donnie really trying to gain? Is he married yet? I mean if he's straight now and 50, I would think he'd be rushing to get married to one of those lonely, fat church ladies. Donnie's gonna pay for the hate he's spreading. TD Jakes used to do the same thing until his son got caught trying to suck an undercover cops dick in the park. Notice how TD has changed?


Wow, these conversations amaze me. I understand his analogy I don’t eat sugar but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it. It simply means that he is still attracted to men and he is trying to abstain. Still, I don’t know if would describe gays as vampires, and I pray that I am walking in love when I say this. I removed a number of comments about Pastor McClurkin because I didn’t feel that I was walking in love towards him. People are influenced by the devil's thoughts everyday. he fires thoughts at our minds, if we don’t know how to deal with those thoughts, we accept them.
2 cor 10:3-5-- 3For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 5Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

I have conducted extensive research on male rape, and rape doesn’t necessarily make one homosexual. Rapists often target young boys who seem to have homosexual tendencies. While Rapists also attack straight boys on the street and in jail....and that doesn’t necessarily affect sexuality. It can be the case, but it is not always the case.
We need to pray about the number of young boys and men and men being attacked. It is not right. Then rape goes on in prisons everyday and no one does anything about it. Then HIV is passed amongst the prisoners’ and when they get out, the [inmate] infects someone else whether it be male or female. I have talked to people who have had sex as young as 5 in the United States and in Africa.... Read More
One of my female, white students was raped by family member at 3 years old. After she was removed from the family, she tells me that she is bleeding from her private parts. Police and social services swarmed the school and the child was removed from her foster care family. Unfortunately, it is very likely that she will be raped again.

Like Donnie, I may always have thoughts attacking my mind, but if I do in accordance to 2 Cor 10:3-5, I can walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lusts of my flesh.

It's a struggle for me. I have to purpose to put God's Word first place in my life. I spend at least an hour in prayer and his word each day. I purposed to attend a strong church. I travel each week to NYC from Baltimore to receive the word.

The problem with homosexuality, it makes the flesh feel good. And because it feels good, people don’t want to give it up feeling. Then to top it off, Satan is constantly planting thoughts into our minds. That is why people say that they cannot help being gay. There is teaching on the subject. In the summer of 2009, I began teachings on the subject. Although I haven’t update my site since August, valuable information is contained on the website. Why hasn’t the site been update, I decided that I was too busy to spend time with God, and I lost my footing.

Again, I don’t know if Pastor McClurkin is able to keep his spiritual walk, but I hope he strives. I simply pray that Pastor McClurkin in sincere and able to walk out God’s plan for his life.


Monica Roberts

Sad that 'Christians' such as Donnie McClurkin are doing more to turn people away from the church than draw people to it.

truth teller

No wonder some of the black gay youth are confused, depressed, and suicidal. Somebody help Miss McClurkin quickly!!!!


Hey well they all feel that way and yet you buy there music. So whats the point is saying something. Donnie, The Clarksiters, D. HADDON,Fred Hammond, Kim Burell, John P. Kee, Kerria Sheard, Noel, Jones, P.Caesar and a whole lot more. So whats the point if you don't like someone turn them off. I did with that old queen bobby jones


I'm not getting why so many of you are coming against Donnie, perhaps you know something I don't. Allow me to say, what he said in the video was true! It is time that we stop trying to be a damn social club and be the Church that God is calling for. There is nothing too hard for God! If you say you believe God and don't trust His word, then you are confused. Stop bashing the man just listen and receive the message. Saints we are to liberated, How long will we straddle the fence? Choose ye this day, Whom you will serve, and then serve that 1 master with all your heart. You cannot be a cat ad a dog at the same time. there is no doubt about the way, holiness is right and will always be.


@Danny, what he said was opinion and opinion alone. There is no absolute truth. No one here stared that they believe in God but don't trust his word. Everyone pretty much said they don't like how hypocrites constantly try to use that against us. The only one here trying to be a cat and a dog all at once is McClurkin.

Samuel Jackson

I find this man so sincere and real. He is also very courageous. I do not know why there are so many hateful and vicious comments against him on this blog.


It should not be forgotten that Obama used McClurkin at a huge rally to help put a lock on the Black vote in South Carolina. Then the "fierce advocate" for gay rights failed to speak out on broadcast TV as his buddy Rick Warren led the attack on our rights in California. Then he invited Warren to pray over his inauguration. There's lots more. But, heard enough?


As I can see I am close to last to comment but I had to watch the show by Donnie! I am not going to stoop to his level because I will not judge the brother but I will say this...........we ALL well have our judgement day.


walk like a duck must be a duck. Donnie

Ben Robinson

This truly is some BS. If you would have said 'DMX speaks in a church against homosexuality' or 'Jeremiah Wright condemns homosexual youth' I'd be intrigued and feel inspired at understanding where they're coming from. But not from this Queen. Get the f#ck outta here dude. Find some d!ck and sit down.


Oh Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. You know when I was a teenager, my pastor told us, "If you come across a pastor who is always preaching about a certain subject, it's probably something they are personally dealing with".

I hope this brutha can find self-acceptance and love someday. Having sex with a woman and fathering a child doesn't make you "straight" or "cured". You're just a gay father. Not even a husband! Where's the church outcry over that? Oh, he proved himself a "real man" because he's a "baby daddy"? How proud you must be.

And as someone pointed out in an earlier post, of course Donnie sees feminine men/boys everywhere he goes, starting with looking in the mirror, and then amongst the men/boys he runs around with.

Heal yourself bruh.

Marco Polo

Danny, I have to thank you for that laugh. I needed one badly and your post did the trick. You reminded me of those ignorant COGIC Negroes I grew up with in church, with their homespun (and totally off) "pearls of wisdom". Thanks for taking me back. But seriously, you need to stop with the dime store psychology. That may get you admiration in those circles, but it won't fly in here. I bet you're one of those hypocrite church closet gays that go to all the conventions and end up taking part in the week-long “booty buffet”. You probably already have your ticket and hotel reservations for next year's AIM, Convocation, etc.? You should be ashamed of yourself to belong to such a sorry bunch.

“You cannot be a cat and a dog at the same time.”

Indeed. There’s a brilliant COGIC observation for you guys. Hilarious.

Baseball Bat

Don McClurkin is a old old old Queen with a tore up body.

Donnie McClurkin is mad because nobody wants any of her stretch out stuff.

Anybody getting that will have to tie a plank across their back.

Donnie loves to sit on a baseball bat.

A woman only do for Donnie is share some dick with her.

Jamaal Hamler

I thought God said to love thy neighbor as thy love thyself. It doesn't seem like he follows scripture well.


Another Donnie McClurkin story?

You got to be kidding me.

No one wants a Queen like Donnie.

Most gay men want youth and muscles.

Mrs Donnie has none of that.

You better believe no one wants to jump up and down in Mrs Donnie.

She is old and wore out.

Reo Langster

This man along with J.L King are probably the most hated men in America. They have both done nothing make all the open homesexuals feel gulity and shameful. They are using these harse words simply for a meal ticket and nothing else cause they have nothing else to offer to the world.

Geo Vaughn

Why is this closet case having a moment? She's just another queen, ranting about whatever is bugging her this week...

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