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11 November 2009


 Blessed, Saved, COGIC and Straight!


DW Jazzlover

These folks are just making a little more room in heaven for the rest of us...


I am a little caught up because he does have a nice voice and the ability to spread such a wonderful message, however "she" chooses to use her voice to spew hatred knowing that his mouth has been used to lite up the face of more church men than Viagra! Whatever!


EXCELLENT @Ravenback...please listen to my radio show podcast @ www.blogtalkradio.com/retinabroussardma..episode "LIFE OUT LOUD", should have had you as a guest.


ok whats next


why is it that these bible quoters always quoting from the old testement...if you're still on those pages then i'm sure you're sacrificing lambs,oxen & doves everyday !!!
Move up or shut up !!


Human kind is ruled by three things: fear, ignorance, religion, which feed into each other in vicious cycles. Humans are fearful, turn to religion for easy answers (which reinforces their lives of fear: fear of god, fear of the devil, fear of hell, fear of anything one doesn't understand) and remain ignorant. Until and unless humanity confronts face to face one's fears and looks at them, 'fearlessly,' humans will forever remain in the cave, and the cycle of ignorance and stupidity will repeat generation after generation. All else is just escapism. A life without religion or any other ideology and belief system is the path to freedom.


Donnie is Donnie and he will probably never change. Let him continue but I do believe that with people like TONEX, the younger folk will ignore Donnie listen to Tonex and how he deals with REALITY and follow suit. I applaud TOXEX.


well an old 50 year old queen bitter, and has lived his life as a sexual addict? please stop making so many excuses about you, donnie thats why religious ppl don't like us, because you are blaming others instead of living your life and taking charge of it, i have know a few of your kind unhappy making us believe we are the problem, if you cannot come to terms within your sexuality , then don't talk about it,
remember what you do in your house and in your bed is nobodies business but yours


Someone needs to do an expose on this 'man.'

For just as surely as he is a black man, he is surely still sucking dick.

Someone needs to follow this man. With a video camera. Under surveillance. And put on tape what we ALL know this man is doing when he replaces that microphone with another man's penis. (Sorry if that got you hard, Donnie.)

This man is doing more damage to gay people than almost anyone I can think of. All so that he can discard the cloak of discrimination and persecution that goes along with having the misfortune of being born gay in a world that delights and revels in their abuse of us.

Though he is clearly a gay man crying out in pain, he does so at the expense of other human beings. And for that, he has MUCH to seek forgiveness for. From God, and from his fellow gays.

God will forgive you, Donnie. That's what he does.

And so will we.

But you must first give up the shield of 'ex-gay' and be the man god put you on earth to be. This clearly is not that man.


drama queen.


So I think my last post got deleted because I said a bad word.

King James of the "King James Bible" was gay. Does that make every Negro worshiper who reads his Bible a minion of Satan?

Christianity = "slaves obey your masters" you need to take your "black soul to Christ" and come out "white as snow"...it's built on black self hatred. I guess it explains why we privilege skin color, eye color, and hair texture that is the product of rape rather than everyone equally. (Hello, Sammy Sosa)

Donnie will get his in the end. Hopefully he'll have no regrets.

hassan ali

Miss McClurkin needs to sit her old fake ass down...she tried to holla at my homie last year...now she condemns her own kind..smh.


You're wrong Donnie and you are the vampire.You prey on the gullible, the weak and those who have been hurt and broken. Shame on you. You and your so called Christians can do no harm to me. I flick the dust of my shoes.


WTF? But seriously, he is gay. So, so, self-hatingly gay. Very sad. I hope one day God really does speak to him and help him to be ok with himself.

U Street

Fools. Donnie McClurkin has a right to free speech


ONE HOT MESS !! Poor, poor Donnie...find a good man and enjoy your life son, it's ok to be gay :)

E. Turner

You r doing the devils work and unfortunately ignorant attiitudes are contributing to the death of our young brothers and sisters, forcing them to be closeted for fear of persecution. Wake up brother God dies not teach hate. And I pray your ignorant words don't have a violent effect. Remember every action has an equal or opposite reaction


I do not believe his intent is to "HATE" the gays... The Bible speaks against homosexuality. He also says to speak the truth in love. What I see him trying to do is bring awareness to an issue in the church... He speaking from own experiences... he isn't bragging about his homosexuality it is his past... it is who he was... he is sharing so that others will grow from his past. I dont know much of his personal life as I am sure everyone on here does not... The truth be told we are ALL sinners in God's sight NO matter what it may be homosexuality, fornication, lying, gossiping or whatever else... The Bible CLEARLY speaks against those things... But while we were yet sinners Christ died for us... when we give out lives to Christ we need to repent form sin... which involves turning away... its a constant battle, there r young people who r struggling with porn, sex, drugs, homosexuality and will continue to because no one in the church is addressing the issue, they hid it and wonder why they struggle...
The Bible speaks about many things but you pick and choose what to follow. What about the many verses that support slavery and were used to hold our people enslaved for centuries? What about rape? What about selling your children as slaves, cutting off the hands of thieves ... killing your wife if she is not a virgin. Is that acceptable today? And sorry but not everyone who was gay was molested and that doesn't make everyone gay. -RM


I'm a young, black, straight christian man. It's sad to see the anguish in Donnie McClurkin because of his unresolved issues. The church (and black community) vehemently preaches against psycho-therapy but honestly many of them need it. It ultimately is confusion he's preaching because he has everyone thinking they're gay or lesbian by altar call, lol! He has resentment against Tonex' path of honesty and freedom because he has not chosen that path. The number one cause of death for young black males is HOMICIDE, but this is what is preached about on Sundays at black churches. HORRIBLE.


What an ass. Who is he kidding? Saying you aren't gay doesn't mean you aren't. He should embrace who he is. Stop blaming others. Pray for this fool.


Donnie M. is a hot gay mess and all who are supporting him are just as hypocritical. LEAVE THEM DAMN KIDS ALONE.

Why would he attend a youth convention (knowing the impact of identity he can have at this time in their life) and possibly tell them that they can be "delivered" from what is possibly the only thing some of these kids know! I know for a FACT he harmed at least two gay members of that audience.

DAMN ...


miss mcclurkin is the token gay in the black church. none of these gurls believe that he is truly healed from being gay, i don't even think that he believes that. to sit up at this event and call out other boys and men out for acting gay,...she ought to be ashamed! to tell the truth i just think she needs some, the gurl is about loose it !


Alright then. So it looks like I have to revise my lesson plan on the true message lol I personally think that is his way of coming out. But of course he has to make it look as if he is changed. So in his head people will not question him. So when he comes to his reality check (IF) HE CAN simply say I said I fought it before but I lost it again type of situation.


Sad, So sad. I wonder if he can live with who he sees in the mirror?

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