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12 November 2009



this is great! I don't know Dustin Baker but I have heard of him. And there are so many gay students here at Howard but not all out of course. Very much like DC and the black community. I think to complicate matters some of these students are from good families and the black middle class frowns on homosexuality even more so than working class imho


HU! YOU KNOW! I'm very proud of my big brother Dustin Baker as he has definitely inspired me as a future openly gay seminarian

History Major

I'm an openly gay black male on an HBCU campus, fortunately for me though my campus is pretty progressive. Florida A&M University is making good strides in making equality accepted all around campus. A note gay activist and educator is coming to speak in a few days and I am super excited! There's work to be done but the school is leading in a lot of areas.


Wow. Dustin & Joey! This is amazing. I have never been SO PROUD! If people would just sit down and listen, maybe they would understand. I love you guys SO much! Keep up the great work!!


BRAVO! Love this


Very Proud of this Bro. See him in Chapel, very intelligent and progrssive. Thank God I went to HU, and did'nt have to deal with the Hyper-Homophobia at MoreHouse... Bison, all the way, everyday!


this is awesome.This is a very courageous young man.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

20 November 2009

Blessings & Peace to ALL!

Brother Dustin Baker is a blessed, gifted and enlightened young Black man, in responding to the call of his own heart in faith to serve the Gospel and ALL Humanity to whom he is sent.

That he is bettering ALL of us by "lighting a candle rather than by cursing the darkness" of fear, hate and homophobia, is to his great humility before God and great courage before Humanity.
He deserves our real respect and social and spiritual support, most especially during his formative studies.

While earning my Master of Divinity degree [1987] at The Catholic University of America, I took several classes at The Howard University School of Divinity, where I also had found my Spiritual Director, who was bi-sexual professor and brilliantly supportive of me, a same gender loving graduate student.

I pray Dustin claims and achieves all his Gospel and Life goals with his grace, gifts and gratitude in all the Spirit has given to him for the Common Good.

May Dustin Baker, Joey Gaskins and ALL our youth, especially
our Black LGBTs, know their goodness and Creator's will, and really realizing their dreams are from the power within each of us.


Let's count our Blessings, feel our Bliss and carry one an-Other's burdens in OneLove!

All I Am,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Michael-Vincent Crea, M.Div.
Pastor & Founder
One World Life Systems

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