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09 November 2009


Garçon Stupide

Maggie Gallagher? I thought that was Roseanne Barr, pre-plastic surgery.


What an evil woman. To imagine that the extent of her personal happiness comes from depriving others of happiness and their right to marry. And she had a child out of wedlock (eoow) and certainly aint no saint.


Hey Maggie!

Gay marriage is coming to DC, baby.
It is coming to DC and there isn't a thing you can do about it! And New York. And New Jersey. And Maryland too. You're an evil and pathetic soul, Maggie. But we're learning from your evil and pathetic playbook.


Maggie Gallagher is truly disgusting. But she does have a point about questioning where can the gay marriage issue win. She's not referring to the gay vote winning in the legislature or by court ruling. The evidence clearly shows than it can win in those two arenas. But she is referring to when gay marriage is put to the general population. It's true that DC will get gay marriage, but what would its chances be like if DC voters were allowed to vote on it? This is why gay marriage is a civil rights issue, and civil rights issues should never be handed over to the people. I can't stomach people like Gallagher, but unfortunately her assessment about gay marriage is correct when it is being decided upon by the people.

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