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11 November 2009



I like this guy. He's spot on.
oh and he's cute too!

Time to step up #p2 for #LGBT

Rockaway Beach

is it just me? I'm feeling so sad watching this because he is so right.we always are relegated to second class status. we even do it to ourselves, always putting our issues on hold for everybody else. i'm tired of this dammit.

you go ameriqueer!

Roger H

I really like this video. Very nice job by a young activist.

And Rod, love you on Twitter!


Cute guy. And he is right.


I didn't care to watch the whole video, not because I'm cynical against 'my own cause', but because his approach seems a little..self-indulgent? like "oh, I'm gonna make some nice graphics and look real cute and protest against being silenced or left out of the equation.."
I should feel more sympathetic, but a part of me feels like telling him to get in line or just get out there and do somethin about it?

Plus he had to bring race into it, which I can't help but reminds me of the fact that 90% of the gay white blogs and sites out there seem to never feature any gay black men; it's as if they dont exist.
So says the black gay man who is doing zero about LGBT rights and left comments about how much he enjoyed Donnie McClurkin's singing. And posted a link to one of McClurkin's gospel videos! smh/lolz -RM -RM

Chitown Kev


Actually, Phil Reese has been VERY outspoken about racism in the gay community (including the issue that you mention)and he's caught hell for it.

Next time, do a little more research before you jump to conclusions based on his ethnicity.


@ Tete:

Wow. That's pretty racist and I'm saying so as a black gay man.

I think the fact that Rod is highlighting a white gay activist should imply this guy "gets it".

And to be honest about it, what the hell are you doing? And if you gut reaction is to swat down white LGBT allies, isnt that the same thing black gay men always do.


@ Tete: Phil is "doing something" about LGBT rights. He has a column, a blog, twitter and went to Maine. And you have done ... ? You can't even use your full name.

The shame is that if you watched the video or read his column its the same thing Rod says. Just transpose the words. (Black) LGBTs spend too much time in the close in the (black) community and are afraid to push for their own rights. See? And you're the example.

I'll take a young white boy who gets it over a black queen who throws rocks and praises Donnie McClurkin any MFng day. Welcome to the Rod 2.0 family Phil! Feel free to visit anytime, you are welcome and loved!

Chitown Kev


Yes, Phil Reese gets it.

I haven't read his blog (or his bilerico column lately), exactly where was Phil in Maine? Defintely not in York County (but there were quite a few gays of color that I worked with...)

After that experience working with Mainers and non-Mainers of ALL colors and ages and whatnot, I have even less tolerance for tete's type of nonsense than ever before.

And pushing Rough Sex Donnie? Puh-lease, girl.


I think more whites will get on board with anti-racism in the gay community if some black people didn't go around assuming all white people are racists. I'm a white gay guy in Detroit and for the most part I stay away from the black gay community. Its not because I have any problem with black people. There's a lot of hostility towards whites, so I don't even bother. Its funny how some people can only see discrimination when it applies to THEM.
Yea, funny how some people only see racism when it applies to THEM. With statements like that think, you really need to look in the mirror and starch your white hood and robe. -RM

Chitown Kev


I was born and raised in Detroit, so I understand what you are saying. I would only ask that you understand the reasons that some black people (straight or gay) may have hostility toward whites; especially given much of the institutional racism in the Detroit area over the last...God knows how many years. (and both whites and blacks in the Detroit area have done their share of race baiting over the years)

Myself, I make NO assumptions about anyone based on race or ethnicity and I wasn't raised like that, really.

Having said that, I know for a fact that Phil Reese understands that whereas you don't. So I would have to ask whether you even want to understand that...



Starch my white hood and robe? Get a grip.

Actually, you proved my point quite brilliantly. I made a made a candid, honest remark about the state of race relations in my city, and you proceeded to associate me with the KKK. Can you blame me for not wanting to bother?
Matt, I could care less. The remark was obviously sarcasm. My credentials in media, LGBT activism and progressive causes are quite well known. You? I have no idea what you've done ... and why you're repeatedly at a black gay blog to throw rocks. But when I'm stressing the importance of welcoming gay white allies, your words are patronizing. -RM


Well well. It sounds like young Mr Reese created a great discussion here. I must admit, this is one reason I like this blog. Rod has no fear in calling out black LGBT apathy and misplaced hostility toward white gays... and the usual suspects of white gay privilege....

Sounds like many of us need to watch this video and/or make our own...

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