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12 November 2009



Excellent summary and analysis of good old negative, hang dog Joe LIE-berman. I am so sick of these lousy, no good, career politicians getting cash form big companies, and those who keep voting them into office I could scream.


In the words and voice of Sarah Palin: "You betcha!"

Lieberman is a joke and Connecticut should have seen this years ago when he lost the Democratic nomination in 2006. Instead they've given this jerk the keys to destruction until 2012 in the Senate. However, it is Harry Reid 'n' them not the White House that allowed him to keep his chairman seat on the committee.

He also plans on campaigning for Republican candidates come next year, so you know where he stands...


Remember: Obama endorsed Lieberman in his Senate primary campaign over Ned Lamont. Obama actually worked for this to happen.

So this could mean one of four things:

1) Obama didn’t know what Lieberman was really like.

2) Obama is self-destructive.

3) Obama disagreed with Lieberman on having a public option, but this just wasn’t as important to him as some other things.

4) Obama is on the same side as Lieberman on this issue. He doesn’t really want a public option either.

Which one makes most sense to you?


I remember, but this was 2006 and Obama wasn't in the White House then.

I can't speak for Obama on which of those 4 it is, but nobody knew the depths of Lieberman's treachery at that time. Also, Lieberman didn't begin his stunts until after his 2006 reelection as an Independent coalescing with the Dems. However, he knows his time is going to be up in 2012, so at this point he has anything to lose...


Lieberman (I-Aetna/Prudential) -- ROTFL Rod, and oh so true!

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