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18 December 2009


Derrick from Philly

"The DEA was tipped off by a confidential informant who agreed to wear a recording device during the drug negotiation session."

See, Buju, don't mess with the batty boys--you never know where will be. And don't mess with us sexually in jail either...you too damn ugly.


Clearly, and as Derrick confirms above, this whole thing is just a frame-up by the Gay Mafia.

Buju, I know you have “a lot of faith in God,” and a lot of confidence, too. I know that God will not allow one of his favored emissaries to be railroaded into martyrdom by the wicked Sodomites.

God is going to bust you out of that joint. I know He will. Just keep praying, Brother Buju.

Da' Realist One

LMAO @ "Gay Mafia"

ROTFLMMFAO @ "I know that God will not allow one of his favored emissaries to be railroaded into martyrdom by the wicked Sodomites."


So I guess this "Gay Mafia" persuaded him against his will to go and buy drugs, right?

I guess this "Gay Mafia" persuaded him to reach his OWN HAND into his OWN POCKET to get the money inteded to buy cocaine, right?

So I guess this "Gay Mafia" made him stick his finger INTO THE COKE AND TASTE IT because if he didn't, this Gay Mafia was gonna hurt him, right?



LMFGAO@ Jim.....Dude you're sorry!

Corve DaCosta

keep him there

Anthony in Nashville

I am waiting for Buju to break out the Marion Barry card -- "the homos set me up!"


I man who preaches irrational hate gets arrested under an irrational law. Talk about irony.

roots lady

The gay elles are such haters. Not everybody has to love your batty anal ways. FIYAH BUN you in a Sodom & Gomorrah!

Buju you will be exonerated. Your music is not about hate, or about hating gays. But those devils have sought to have your tongue because you speak a powerful truth.
So it's okay to sell drugs and carry weapons ... but not okay to love someone of the same sex? And you call yourself a Christian? Fiyah bun you, lady. WWJD? -RM

All Truth

Wow, here we go with the twisted-Fags and their logic: to be Christian does not mean acceptance of demonic behavior. I.E., f...king in the anus, l...king each others' penises and anuses, touching feces in the act of intercourse, etc. is demonic behavior. Fags are subhumans!
Sounds like you know more about gay sex than we do, sweety. Do "Christians" talk like this? What would Jesus say about carrying weapons and buying 5 kilos of cocaine? Answer that while looking at the shirtless men pics, girlfriend. -RM


Lock Buju up for life.

Xavier Deron

Dear Buju and All Your Hateful Friends!

I hope a big fat dick is being forced in Buju's mouth as we speak. The sick MFer.

Not liking gays is one thing.
Calling for anyone to hurt or kill another person is just sick.

Buju=Battybwoy n da jail mon, no?


Buju claims his "God" tells him to hate gays and tell people to kill them. Did your "God" also tell you to try to buy 5 kilos of blow? And carry a .32?

Go to hell, Buju.
Seriously, a one-way ticket.
Buy yourself a one-way ticket to eternal fire and damnation. You should have some coins left over from that drug deal that fell through.

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