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03 December 2009


Chitown Kev

Thanks for answering the question as to what Diaz self-identifies as.

I will give it to the bigot on this, he did go on the record with his no vote and provided us with his convoluted reasoning. He has more heart then the other 37 no voters.

Taylor Siluwe

Ignorance never sleeps.

With the gut-punch we just got from those "spineless" democrats, now more than ever our hopes lie with NJ and DC. DC looks promising but Jersey is 'iffy'.

I hope everyone is taking stock of what's going on in the world, as Uganda proposes a state santioned genocide while the American media giggles over Tiger Woods getting a little bush on the side --

{ Yes, I know, golfers aren't supposed to have sex, or get involved in sex scandals (that's other sports) - but gimme a break with the wall to wall coverage.}

-- because the lack of American outrage over Uganda's disgusting religious crusade is telling.

Watch out. When you see Rick Warren's pudgy talking head on television, know he's thinking the same thing (with an oily smile).

The more ground we lose, the more draconian their demands will become. Think it can't happen? Germany's Jews thought the same thing, 'til they were stuffed into freight cars like cattle and shipped off to "work camps".

Nothing is unbelievable anymore. Since ignorance and hate don't sleep, neither can we.

FIGHT BACK! Last time I checked, we pay our taxes too. Well, most of us.


One step backwards for now doesn't mean this is the end of the war. We lost one battle. We lost a few. But as humans we have over the millennium evolved from simple primitive beings to more advanced creatures and this shows us we are still in that evolutionary process from primitive to advance. Many
are still primitive. But MANY more are advanced and history has shown us that those more advanced tend to survive and continue via natural selection. All this means is we have to work HARDER for our rights. They will not come over night.


What makes all of this even sadder is how he sees no wrong in turning his back on the rights of his own family members who are gay. That shows he not only does not have a "chest" as some dogmatic loser has stated, but that he lacks intelligence and respect for his fellow man. Why anyone listens to him, I will never want to know.

Michael-Vincent Crea

10 December 2009

Peace to ALL!

Hateful, not heroic, cowardly, not courageous,
fearful, not loving the Divine nor Human in his LGBT neighbors, is The Bronx bigot and perennial 'Pentacostal' viper, Ruben Diaz, Sr.

One must wonder whether his and his fearleaders have hollow chests or minds? Perhaps, both!

It appears, Mr. Fournier is a rabid Roman Catholic commentator, who either is completely ignorant or dishonest of the fact that of the seven Roman Catholic sacraments, only marriage does NOT have the priest, as the minister.

Rather, the two persons imparting the words "I do," are the only ones performing the spiritual rite and consummating, as one, the same, whether straight or same-gendered.

The priest and One World community are but witnesses, receiving this sacrament: "a sign of God's Love."

My final paper in earning my Master of Divinity degree at The Catholic University of America in 1987 was on same gendered unions, or as my professor, a priest, wrote in a note, "where to find more information on 'gay marriages'," as is now the more common and R-I-G-H-T-full term, speaking as such
with "Equal treatment Under Law."

Many of our Catholic LGBT and elected, bigoted legislators have only grammar school, formal religious education.

It's not surprising that old school arguments, along
with self-hate, fear and more immaturity than really right, mature love of Divine-Human Rights of all persons are found in a fraudulent balloting with negative results, rather than just recognizing the blessings of the faithful or secular persons committed to each other and upheld, as a Divine, God-given, inalienable birthright that only the parties saying "I do" can lay asunder.

All I am,
Steadfast in Spirit & in Truth,

Michael-Vincent Crea,
Pastor & Founder
One World Life Systems

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