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04 December 2009



Ruth Hassell Thompson's floor speech brought me to tears. God bless her.

And thank you for lobbying her Cynthia. I love you, I loved Sex and the City and love what you are doing for our community.


The best speech from Wednesday.

Chitown Kev

Ruth Hassell Thompson didn't just advocate in the NY State Senate, she TESTIFIED.

As soon as I am financially able, I will send her as generous a donation as I can.

And then some.


It was quite moving. I think it was rude for the folks behind her to hold conversations and move about when someone is speaking. Hey but she was right about electing them as leaders.


It takes a lot to satnd up for an oppressed goup when it is popular to just sit back and attack. I have respect for this woman I don't even know because she took the time to see parallels of oppression in her own life and how this issue affects her through people she loves. Kudos to her for doing something that people will criticize her for but something that was right, standing up for an oppressed group that she doesn't even belong to.

William Lavender

I think that more people like her needs to stand alone instead of stand with a crowd. Even though she is not gay it took courage to stand up for what some would call a loosing battle. I do hope one day, before I become too old, that gays will have more rights then what we have now.

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