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18 December 2009


Byron in PGC

Thank you Mayor Fenty!
I never thought I would live to see marriage equality in the capitol of our nation!

Can't wait til I have a man to marry!


This is a blessed day and I am so proud to see this happening in DC, right under the nose of Congress, the White House and all the conservatives. And NOM, too, they are headdquared in DC.

Great news and great things are happening for gays in DC. Oh and as usual, the District's thousands of black gay men are missing in action and nowhere to be seen. So many black sissies in DC that you can't shake a cat without hitting one, and as usual only a few were involved in this fight.

Pitiful queens, those black DC gays. PITIFUL.

Face and Waist

@ Dalton:

Let's not even ruin this day talking about the DC gay niggeratti. I am sure they will be boasting about DC's marriage equality to all of their friends. But yes, a shame and a disgrace, many times duly noted.

Congratulations DC!

Greg G

@Face and Waist
@ Dalton

I agree with Dalton. We're not ruining the day by noting that once again, black LGBTs in DC and generally across the country were missing in action on this one. Even the comments are bare. Maybe if the story were about Nene and Kim or Tiger Woods...you know, topics that really "impact" our lives...there would be more to say.

The sad fact is that black LGBTs have generally not been engaged in gay rights. And it's not just marriage, although some will claim that's it. Black gays didn't do squat during several high profile hate crimes in DC against black gays, and haven't done squat on other issues. We're just in the closet, selectively out or just not active. And it's always easier to say why we can't do something, give the black community cover, give the White House cover or anyone else trying to deny our rights.

I'm very happy to see marriage equality happen in our Chocolate City. It's too bad black gays were generally not very helpful making it happen. And we know we didn't help out this which is why black LGBTs (esp in DC) have nothing to say in comments.


Two thumbs up to DC being the first Southern city to recognize and legalize same-sex unions. Now, the rest of the Southern cities, well...


As we write, Marion Barry is in the arms of his prostitute-du-jour, crying on her shoulder over how society's morals have gone all to Hell.

Meanwhile, "Bishop" Harry Jackson is at the home of Vanessa, his favorite church choir soprano and secret soulmate, using Excel on her computer to prepare his Christian mailing list for his next request for finanical support for the upcoming "March of the Million Morally Outraged Heterosexuals" on the Mall.

Thank you, to Mayor Fenty and to all those who have worked so hard for this.

Chitown Kev

@Face & Waist

"...the DC gay niggeratti."


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