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14 December 2009



hell yea he is! darryl is fine
and i'm glad to see aussies are giving him his props


This is very nice. DNA's list is usually gay or gay friendly. Some of these lists are all the straight athletes and actors meh



Nathan James

All I want for the holidays is Darryl...no strings, no clothes, no wrapping paper....just Darryl...LOL!


Darryl Stephens is one of my favorites. I absolutely adored him in Noah and CANNOT wait to see what he does next. And yes he is one of the sexiest for real!


thanks for posting Rod!

Dale R

This is a pleasant surprise.

I began reading this blog for those ROFL Noah's Arc recaps. Love or hate the show (or love to hate it), you can't deny the beauty and talent of Darryl Stephens. He is beautiful and an inspiration.

Thanks much, Rod. Only you would look for American black actors and models in foreign magazines!

Love you Darryl! Marry me, I'm in Connecticut! lol


Congrats to Miss Noah...---- oops, I mean Darryl Stephens!


I agree w/ DNA.


Congratulations Darryl!


he is cute

Martine Suzanne

OMG !! u're so fine !!!


i never found this guy sexy at all.however his kind spirit shines thru! its a shame noahs arc is no longer in production! the noahs arc movie (jumping the broom) was AMAZING!

Teli Gabalis

@ blk: i am so glad i'm not the only one to think this. this guy is so overrated. he is attractive, but he ain't all that. for what it's worth, i am happy for him that he made this list. but, he doesn't even come close to what some make him out to be.


I think Darryl is extremely handsome and couldn't agree more with DNA's selection.

Xavier Deron

>>>" this guy is so overrated. he is attractive, but he ain't all that."

How many times has Darryl turned you down, Teli? Maybe overweight and balding Canadians are not Darryl's "type".


Not my type at all. Not sexy even if he were the last alive black man on the planet... but to each, their own.

Xavier Deron

Yawn. The return of the so-called Black Athlete who skips all the gay rights news, all the political posts, and only comments on femme vs "masculine" stuff.

There are many types of men on this blog, from atheletic stars to models and everyday men. Funny how you slither from the woodwork too throw rocks at Darryl.

Still bitter because you could never, ever land a hot piece of trade like Jensen Atwood. Just a thought, hon. Just a thought!


I could live with that...

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