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27 December 2009


Georgia Peach

Wow. That is good news and I'[m embarassed to say I'm in Atlanta and wasn't even aware of that.

East Point is part hood and part gentrified gay. There have been some problems but I'm very glad to see the council and Rev. Fann are pushing back against discrimination.


East Point and the SWATS are the hood lol

I'm very impressed!

Go ATL! Go East Point!


Hood or not, they have shown more willpower to be on the progressive end of the pendeleum than more gentrified areas, so it is irrelevant.

Da' Realist One

Its a small step, but to me it seems that the only reason why this even came to be is because someone realize that the gay voting bloc was a rather large and influential one, thus meaning that in the future this is an area where the gay vote would be crucial in future elections.

However, this is an example of the power of the vote!
When we show that we're a force and to be reckond with, we get action AND results!

Taylor Siluwé

Good news. Even better that a black clergy member sees that discrimination has nothing to do with his personal religious beliefs or values, its just discrimination.

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