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07 December 2009


Nathan James

These eight faux Democrats need to be reminded that gays and lesbians are ALSO their constituents, not just easy campaign funding sources who can be ignored after the election is over. It was particularly telling that several of the "discrimin-8" used religious belief as a reason to vote "no" on the gay marriage bill. My indictment of them, and of the shameful defeat of New York's marriage-equality bill, is http://thefutureforward.blogspot.com/2009/12/outrage-and-shame-in-albany.html>here. The issues involved in same-sex marriage go far beyond whether or not gays and lesbians may legally marry their partners. They encompass our own value as human beings, our willingness as a nation to live up to the words of our living Constitution, and our society's ability to let go of blind hatred and ignorance. If we are to make any real progress towards ending our second-class citizenship, it must begin with voting our enemies out of office. These eight have clearly shown what side they're on. Throw 'em out!


I have to ask a question. I'm a Canadian, and our political systems are quite different. I'm a little confused at the target of all the outrage. Why is the focus solely on the 8 democrats who voted no when all 30 republicans voted no, too? I understand the feelings of betrayal, but you seem to stand a much better chance of getting marriage passed if there were more democrats. At least a majority of them voted yes.

Chitown Kev


I'll explain this as best as I am able now...others can add addendums as appropriate.

1) Remember that for the most part, the Democrats and the Republicans are the only game in town (for the most part). We don't have a multi-party system where coalitions can be formed (though that would be nice).

2) The Republican Party at the national levels and (for the most part) at the state and municipal levels are anti-gay (promotion of state-wide marriage amendments, opposition to ANY pro-LGBT legislation, etc.)

3) The platform of the Democratic Party is pro-gay and the large majority of the GLB vote (and money and volunteer work) goes to the Democratic Party.

Therefore, I do feel that the Democratic Party has a higher ethical responsibility as regards their gay voters. That is why we are being harder on the Democrats than the Republicans.

Probably, the Democrats that might get voted in (and that ain't happening in 2010) will be in districts that are Republican and anti-gay (for the most part). So getting more democrats in is not an absolute guarantee that marriage will pass. The chance of that happening might be better, but not much better.

Bobby R

I am going to attempt to answer your question. The outrage towards the Democratic Party is beginning to grow daily in the LGBT community. For years, the Democratic Party has claimed to be a staunch ally of the LGBT community. The Republican Party has never made such claims. The Democratic Party has also received a lot of dollars for their campaigns from the LGBT community to help them stay in office. However, after years of blind loyalty, it is becoming clear that the Democratic Party has delivered more rhetoric than action for our hard earned dollars. These eight Democrats could have been the deciding votes required to pass Marriage Equality in New York regardless of the no votes from the 32 Republicans. Republicans who are most likely in staunch Republican territory which would make it difficult for a Democrat to win unless we receive a gift from Sarah Palin like we did in the District 23 race. These eight Democratic leaders were placed in office on the promise of being an ally for LGBT causes and they failed to act on a bill which would say that the State of New York does not view LGBT Americans as second class citizens. Therefore, if we remove them and replace them with eight new Democrats who will actually do what they say; maybe, New York will actually be able to pass an inclusive Marriage Bill.


What about Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn? He's another Democrat who voted no, but I heard shortly after the Senate vote that some activists exposed Kruger as an anti-gay closet case (in the Larry Craig tradition). Is anyone else talking about exposing Kruger's stunning hypocrisy?

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