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29 December 2009


HUM 2023

If they really believed in the sanctity of marriage they would ban divorces.


or maybe marriage "sanctity" is a total bs talking point...


Oh no they can't just ban divorces...that would be taking away their rights (sarcasm for those of you who cannot tell...)


Karl Rove, Tiger Woods, Larry King, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen...they're all DESTROYING THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE !!! lol


hahaha! Respect? Privacy?

No way, Karl. You're not getting any of that from me. You made my life a wedge issue that continues to this day, you worthless, low-life. All so you could continue the reign of terror and shame that was the Bush administration.

You get what you give, you evil piece of filth.


HUM 2023 hit it right on the head!!!


Dana Perino was the former presidents press secretary so why is she releasing statements on karl roves divorce like she's his spokeswoman? get a real job


I thought he was gay!!!


I'm not in favor of same sex marriage. The state shouldn't be willfully setting up a two-tiered citizenship based on something that doesn't benefit the state. However if you're in favor of it, constantly pointing out failed straight marriages is not the argument to make.

Just as straight marriages fail and the men and women (but mostly men) in them cheat, so too will gay marriages fail and the people in them cheat...possibly at a greater rate. Heck, some of us can't even maintain fidelity on a date.

The "We should have state marriage because some straight people divorce or cheat in theirs," line is a losing argument. It's easily countered and you won't win anyone over with it.
That makes no sense whatsoever. No surprise coming from a "gay" man who defends gay bashing black preachers, criticizes me for calling attention to homophobic athletes and argues against the Democrats enacting gay rights. Of course you oppose marriage and equality, hon. You don't love yourself so how could anyone else? -RM


Byron says: “The ‘We should have state marriage because some straight people divorce or cheat in theirs,’ line is a losing argument.”

Yes, Byron, it surely is a losing argument, and I’ve never heard anyone use it. Ever.

Perhaps this is what you’ve really heard: “One of the self-righteous, hate-filled arguments that so-called conservative Christians use to deny us marriage—namely, that we are morally unworthy—is demolished by the hypocrisy of their all-too-typical morally degraded behavior.”

That’s the real argument, and I don’t think it is quite so “easily countered.”


He's a closet mo just like his daddy was before he left his mama for another man


>>>Of course you oppose marriage and equality, hon. You don't love yourself so how could anyone else?


Call these self hating gay men!GO!
Baby you ain't nothing nice in those italics and I love it. If you're not for gay rights...why are you always here Byron? Besides to look at pics?

If you don't want to get married, fine, some of us do. Some of us are out of the closet and in love and relationships. And others want to end discrimination. If marriage isnt your thing fine, but to say you 'oppose' it? Pathetic.

Every time I read comments there is another self hating, likely black gay man arguing against equality. You sound just as unhappy as Karl Rove, who engineered all those marriage amendments.

You're probably some black church queen who wants us all to be 'seen and not heard'. I bet you're proud the church made you an usher even though they suspect you 'tea'.


Radical anti-gay activist Rove wants "privacy." What about the privacy of millions of law-abiding, taxpaying, gay Americans who want the government to butt out of our personal relationships? Rove's hypocrisy has never been more apparent than now as he destroys the sanctity of marriage with a second divorce. Maybe he should stop promoting the anti-gay agenda for 5 minutes and see see what the Bible says about divorce.

Da' Realist One

I was gonna comment on the story, but after reading the comments, its sad that we have this internal struggle within our own community like this. We as GLBT people of color can't begin to fight the battle of outside homophobia because the internal homophobia is imploding us from within.


Da' Realist One hit the nail on the head!!! Miss Byron is living proof of the internal problems of Gay Black America. Self hating gays are worse than hatersexuals! That must change before we can progress as a whole.

Whether you personally choose to marry or not, is still your right, your choice, to choose to marry or not. The fact that someone denies you on something you would choose to say no about should outrage you.

As far as the sanctity of marriage, it is a joke, when wife beaters, adulterers and hypocrites of all kinds cannot respect what they so eloquently preach and vote against, and then say they are "protecting it" they do such a great job of it and yet they can count on your kind to agree with their fallacies.

You are as much of a human as they are, given the same rights and freedoms---- OOPS correction, you SHOULD have the same rights and freedoms as your fellow americans, born or naturalized in this country have.

Just in case you didn't notice you self-hating gays, the world is changing and gay marriages are happening more and more globally, so your way of thinking must change, and if it does not, suicide should be your next option. I'm just sayin we'd love to have you, but you are dead weight to us if you are not 100% with us. We need to be rid of all the dead weight so we can move forward!!

Former COGIC

>>I'm just sayin we'd love to have you, but you are dead weight to us if you are not 100% with us. We need to be rid of all the dead weight so we can move forward!!

Work, CC! WORK!
I am disgusted each time I read this blog and our own people are arguing AGAINST equality, AGAINST equal rights, FOR gay bashing preachers and FOR closeted and homophobic celebrities.

I cosign CC and JIM.
And I applaud Rod for always letting you closet queens have it. You can agree or disagree on the best way to push for our rights ... but if you always take the side of the oppressors and homophobes .... and even use their same phrases ... you are trash.

I am not telling everyone to come out of the closet, tho many more should. I'm saying that if you are comfortable in there ... stop trying to attack and block those of us who are out. And Byron, you sound like those COGIC and MB church queens who are DEEP in the closet and DEEP in denial. Reminds me of slaves..."Why should we be free? Massa treats us good!"


i'm crossing my fingers. i really want this to blow up like the Tiger Woods scandal. if there's any justice at all, this will get UUUUUUGGLY.

oooh, i hope they find Rove in bed with... as they say in Washington,"...a DEAD GIRL, or a LIVE BOY."

please please please, let there be strippers and hookers and lions and tigers and bears. OH MY.!!!

Taylor Siluwé

LOL @ Chris-Leo - I couldn't agree more. We'd have to cross our fingers and toes for to happen though, the portly evil thing that is Rove is very adept at keeping dirty deeds in the dark.

Oh, but we can still hope, and cross those toes that the hustler boy he did bootie bumps of meth with will spill.

And I don't think we should let the silliness creature that is Byron get under our skin TOO much. I don't know why gay blogs (black, white and otherwise) attract such trolls who seem to be so obviously anti everything we stand for; its seems like a wild scream for attention to me.

It a "Hey, look at me!" kinda thing. Probably because in their day to day, ho-hum worker drone existence, they are completely invisible. So pathetic.

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