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22 December 2009



I think no matter how horrible we imagine this to be, it is even worse. Not safe, not even in your own home.


Breaks my heart..But we shall prevail

Anthony in Nashville

The courage displayed here makes excuses for the DL even more ridiculous.

Former COGIC

Anthony, I was thinking the same thing. Now this is COURAGE. These proud gay men and lesbians people can be arrested, attacked or made to disappear at a moment's notice. But yet the majority of our own black gay men here in the US, many of whom are doing relatively quite well, want to play silly DL games or go to the club and every sex party but can't even donate to an HIV cause or contact their elected officials about equality.

Or they come on this blog defending some silly closeted DL celeb or a hetero, and attack gay rights or activists.

Oh and you know you are.

This makes no kind of sense but I will say a pray for Ms Pepe and Mr Kato tonight.


I agree with both Anthony and Former COGIC. True courage is standing up for a belief in the face of certain danger. This woman could lose her freedom and life for speaking her mind. But I'm sure for her and others the pain of living in a "straight" jacket is greater than the pain of losing everything they worked hard for in life.


Ditto to Anthony, Former COGIC, and Ravenback, coul dnot have put it better myself.

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