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17 December 2009


Chris Cruz

Stabbed more than 20 times? Good lord.


Thanks for the heads up on the Ponce murder. It sounds like the work of an enraged man, all the overkill. Prayers.

And thanks for keeping us updated on the Lopez murder, too.


After reading about these two recent grisly, homophobic murders, I have to conclude that the evangelical Christian pastors have been doing a persuasive job of spreading the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the good people of Puerto Rico.

It seems Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Jamaica, and now Puerto Rico are determined to follow the Lord’s way.

DW Jazzlover

There are some really sick people out there.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, another horrible murder of a gay man. It is awful, and it makes those of us who've "walked on the wild side" think twice (or thrice) about our extra-curricular activities.

The only thing that troubles me about the use of the hate crime laws is that it shouldn't be selective. Yes, there are killings of gay people that are obviously based on hatred and sending a hateful message to all gay people, but as I've pointed out before: many women are killed in this mannter every week in this country and world. They are raped, tortured, killed and mutilated. Does anybody ever think of those killings as falling under the new hate crime statutes? Charging the perpetrators not just with murder but also with committing a hate crime against a woman--against women? It may happen in the future, but it won't happen for those women who are most vulnerable to this type of hate crime murder: the sex workers. Nobody cares.


I am getting sick and tired of hearing about gay men and gay women being attacked, humiliated, disrespected, raped, and murdered just because we are gay. If you have a problem with us STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM US!!! We don't bother anyone. The majority of us stay to ourselves, mind our business, pay our taxes, do our jobs and tend to our families. We all need to start protecting ourselves better and be very careful about the people we engage and have in our surroundings. And we need to look out for one another as LGBTQI people because this could be anyone of us. Take self defense lessons, bulk up at the gym, take martial arts and or boxing lessons, carry mace or a stun gun but do something to make sure if you find yourself in a situation you can get out of it. I’m just so frustrated that lately when I come to get informed at this site or other sites this is what I have to read. Another gay man a victim in the last month. When is this going to stop?!?


And this is the horror of what's being reported. I can't even imagine what's going on out there that's not being reported. I really want to know, how can I help?

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