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12 December 2009


Gee Gee


I don't live in Texas, never have, nor will I ever want to live in that state. So its neither here nor there to me.

And as a black gay male, I don't think "neither" candidate would treat ME "better"....



"@ DFS

I absolutely never said Houston would support same sex marriage. Re-read: I was responding to the previous comment on how "liberal" NYC and LA allegedly were.



there is no need to shake your head, Your assertion is that these cities were not "progressive" because of the gay marriage votes. You also seem to be implying that Houston did belong on the progressive list. That's why I pointed that out. I dont need to re-read anything.


And by the way Faison, in your initial post you say "Prop 8 didn't pass LA County". Clearly you meant to say prop 8 DID pass LA County, since prop 8 was a ban on gay marriage.

Dave in Houston

I'm not really sure how a thread on something so positive (Annise Parker winning) became so negative but it's very disappointing.

@ DFS:Faison NEVER said Houston was ready to pass same sex marriage. Period. And I think we all know what he meant about Prop 8 and LA County. We don't need grammar trolls.

You're looking for fault in a comment that had nothing to do with you whatsoever.

@ Gee: Whatever.

It's really too bad that as black gay men we can't organize and network around gay rights and politics and are reduced to petty one ups in blog comments. Take that *ish to celebrity or gossipp threads, please. Houston is my city and I'd appreciate if you wouldn't try to rain on our parade.



The comments about the other cities not being "liberal" was also unnecessary. Like you said, let's just celebrate Anise's win.

and you may consider it grammar trolling, but Ive repeatedly seen confusion about what prop 8 was for and against.

Rod Mc

@ Gee: The anti-gay black candidate backed by Republicans and anti-gay black pastors ... you don't see the "affect" of this story on black gay men? And the white lesbian with black LGBTs in her campaign would probably not treat any you "better"? LOLz -RM

Chitown Kev

@Derrick from Philly

From what I have heard, black turnout was very low and Annise Parker got about 25% of the black vote.

Which seems rather high to me, considering that Locke is black.

It also shows that using the anti-gay tactics to boost black turnout failed miserably for Locke.

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