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14 December 2009



What a poor excuse for a human being much less a US Senator!

Derrick from Philly

Despicable. The Zell Miller of the North.


Well, I was expecting him to do this for awhile now. I still don't know why they think they should caucus with him like they Senator Saunders from Vermont. At least Saunders stands by progressive ideas without any strings attached whereas Lieberman is just a** who likes to make stance to appease his Republican friends. To believe the Democrats wanted him as the vice president back in 2000, Democrats need to get it together...


This is both sad and sickening. This whole circus just continues to prove that the republs never intended to compromise on health care reform. So the president suddenly says a public option wasn't a big deal, nor I guess medicare inclusion wasn't a big deal, so what is next that the dems are going to say is very important to health care reform then say "It wasn't a big deal" when the republs say no to it.


Oh trust! The goal post will continue to change positions and move as long as a**holes like Lieberman are given any power. He knows that the Medicare expansion to include those as young as 55 is a good thing, but he is so freakin' spineless and pawn of lobbyists that's hilarious. To think he is suppose to be best friends with the "maverick" John McCain, who is just as ethically as well as morally bankrupt as Lieberman. I know for a fact McCain is in bed with a number of lobbyists as well regardless of what he says publicly about "pork spending" and "governmental waste".


Then he changes his mind. No, what, he doesn't want health care reform for Americans. But he does... But he doesn't...

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