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14 December 2009


Derrick from Philly

I don't have any disposable income right now, and so the Nevada "working" boys will have to wait until I hit the Powerball before they'll see me out there. I wonder if the young Dominicano men know about this great opportunity. Go west, young men!


Derrick, when you hit the Powerball, and after you have purchased your mansion on the Main Line, the working boys from the DR (or from anywhere else that strikes your fancy) will come to you. There will be no need to travel to tacky Las Vegas...


it's about time! lol

Honut Sinti

I may have to go into my coin jar.

Do they take loose change? ;)


Wooo... a job opening!!


LOL!! Laissez le bon temps rouler!!! (let the good times roll!)


lol I love me some Las Vegas. However I don't think I could pay for something that is FREE!!! I'm not that ugly as desperate lol.

I'm heading out there next month for the AVN expo...4 the first time.


I say anybody who can put their legs up in the air, should get paid!!! Equal rights for all holes/ho's whoever:-)


LMAO @ Diva1961! I spewed my drink all over the table!

Rod Mc

ROFL @ Diva ;)


That is the saddest looking brothel ever. Maybe now that they're employing the 'children', they can have the new hires do a Nate Berkus style makeover.

Damn! That's the gayest thing I ever wrote.

on my knees

mm str8 young men selling cock 2 hungry cocksuckers - its about time


Very informative post, thanks for your good blog...

Francklin E Castle

is god is god i love

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