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28 December 2009



I applaud Tyra Banks for ending her film and concentrating on producing. First, because that show is dreadful and second, maybe she can bring some positive and intelligent to the screen for young women and young women of color in particular. Yes, I know it probably won't happen, but it's the end of the year and I'm feeling nice...and I just clipped my claws...uhh, nails.

Rod Mc

@ Mjolnir22: Good call on Lady Gaga in the other thread. The comments accusing her of milking Westboro for publicity were just ridic.

You often make some good points.-RM

Garçon Stupide

Damn it all to hell! Why must I hear of our London lovelies from an American? Globalisation has gone too far! Too far, I say!

etc etc

Eaton W1B

ROFL @ Garcon

I was thinking the exact same thing, mate! The JLS picture from The Sun and the news on Loopy Lou.

Loving you in London, Rod, keep it up mate!

Henry TW

I ♥ Louis Smith


Congrats To Sharon Lubinski from my neck of the woods. I just heard about this yesterday. She is VERY awesome. Don't care about Tyra ending her show as I never watched it. Sorry Louis Smith has to miss the commonwealth games.


What's with the Tyra hate, the loss of her show does a great disservice to everyone. She addresses issues in an intelligent thought-provoking manner. In contrast I have often felt that Oprah unacceptably simplifies issues (race, class, weight discrimination, homophobia/DL), possibly in order to appeal to her huge audience. Give people a little credit though, everyone has a brain.

I know it's not a competition, and I'll probably get trashed for my opinion. I am aware of all the good Oprah does for people. I'm just sayin', "give a man a fish..."



Really? Did you see that gay-for-pay porn episode? Tyra came across as a fool.

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