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17 December 2009


Xavier Deron

very good news to report.
paterson is a class act to the LGBT community.


Governor Patterson, I thank you. from the depths of my heart I thank you.


The truly pathetic thing about Governor Paterson is that he is more concerned about helping the people of his state that he is about getting re-elected.

I mean, what sorry excuse for a politician is that?


Hahaha!!! I hear ya Jim. The idea that a politician would be more interested in helping the people of his state, than playing th re-election politics. He's outta there anyway, so why not do all you can for the people before you go. He will be known as the politician that went against Obama when he was told, basically, to step down and he said "NO". Now he will also be known for pushing this "so-called" liberal state into looking after it's LBGT community. He feels he has nothing to lose, and he said he would do these things as ppart of his election promises. Gosh, a politician who's willing to keep his campaign promises, EVEV when he knows he would work against him.
The fact that Iowa is more progressive than New York and California is still mind blowing.


Oh yeah Jim you are right about that. I mean, where does this man get off actually doing his job? The nerve I say! Seriously, this man has been a supporter and protector for our community since he stepped into office. He had a tough job and met and made many decisions that were not popular and did not sugar coat anything but he did what he said he was going to do. Held no secrets, put it all out there and stayed honest. There are far too few politicians like him, including in the White House I’m sorry to say. Others may not appreciate what Gov. Patterson has done but I appreciate his hard work, honesty and integrity in an office and position where so many forget for what they are there.

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