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02 December 2009



don't give up!


Boo! This is so lame. "Heterosexuals" can get married and divorced countless times over the course of their lives.

Us? Nothing. NY is lame.

Nathan James

I seriously wonder if we will ever be recognized as human beings with souls, and dignity, and RIGHTS in the State of New York. Listening to the Senators invoke their "religious beliefs" as a reason for voting against marriage equality made me sick. The Senate was not elected to impose their "religious beliefs" on the rest of us, but to represent ALL of us. Apparently church and state aren't separate, as today's events in Albany have demonstrated.

alicia banks

obama and his gaybashing bromances and DL gay frenemy swag have made homohatred cool again...


alicia banks
eloquent fury


I think marriage supporters and the Governor should have worked harder and waited till they had the votes before bringing this to the floor.

History Major

In a quote one senator stated that "the people opposite it"

I am assuming he says this to highlight the fact that ACTUAL people oppose same sex marriage.

If the people who oppose gay marriage are the people then what does that make the gays?

Semi-people? Half-people? Sub-people? 2/3 people? 3/5th's people?

I say this because I think one of the central components of intolerance and oppression of others is to see that "other" as not worthy of humanity and thus not human which is why you can absolve your conscience of the fact that you are denying rights to other people.

It's a lot easier when you don't consider those other people

"people people"

They are just "gay people" or "black people"

Not like the real people, the real people being the ones who struck down Marriage Equality in Newyork.

Sigh does anyone get what I am saying? Am I making sense?

I am just really really sad right now.

Chitown Kev

No, it's good to know who our enemies and traitors are, though.

Rod, one aspect that I hope you will play up with subsequent posts is that some of the most moving speeches yesterday were given by black legislators. 9 out of 11 black NY State Senators voted for marriage equality.


Rod (or anyone else)...
Could ya'll please list the names of the Senators who voted AGAINST this bill?

We need to know who to contact to voice our outrage!

I am a MAN!


I agree with Da'RealistOne who are they?


I say Gay people should go on a National strike and see how it affects the Country. There would be NO Fashion industry without Gay men and that is just a fact. I get most of my fashion tips from my gay male friends. But its not just the fashion industry, yall are EVERYWHERE and make a valuable contribution to our Country. You are Teachers, Lawyers and Doctors! You should be treated fairly. I will always vote YES for Gay Rights!

Those Senators should be ASHAMED! Just as all those who vote against Gay Right should be.

Chitown Kev


No Republican Senator voted for the bill. Here are the 8 Democrats who voted against the bill including Shirley Huntley.

Isn't Huntley the one that told Maya Angelou "not for a million dollars" or something like that?

• Joseph Addabbo (D-Queens) — NO
• Darrel Aubertine (D- Cape Vincent) — NO
• Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) — NO
• Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) — NO
• Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) — NO
• Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) — NO
• George Onorato (D-Queens) — NO
• William Stachowski (D-Buffalo) — NO

History Major

@ Isis

Gay men haven't just been the forerunners of the arts.

A gay man created the Computer and broke the German code.

Just saying.

Chrus Cruz

CC and Da Realis:

The last few lines of the story, Rod listed the Democrats voting against the bill.


OH my bad!
I am so mad I didn't even read the rest of the article..

I guess reading is fundamental huh?

Sorry about that... Thanks ya'll.


I'll be dipped. I thought NYC would have been the prime area for marriage equality. Well, hopefully things will turn our way sooner rather than later.-QH


@ History Major

In my post I said "Yall are everywhere"! I said you are Teachers, Lawyers and Doctors! I know its NOT just the Arts! Read the whole post next time.

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