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31 December 2009


Anthony in Nashville

Between this story and Professor Belton, I think it is either sad or scary that so many LGBTs find themselves in dangerous relationships.

We know that domestic violence is one of the things we'd prefer to ignore in our community, but it is very real.

People, you don't have to settle for relationships with people who don't respect you! Threatening behavior is not another way to say "I love you."


I was thinking the same thing. Too often some of us are willing to tolerate physical abuse ( and mental abuse too)in order to feel wanted and to maintain a relationship. And some of use seek the thrill of messing with people who are unstable because they are sexy or possessive or both. " he really loves me thats why he beats me or gets so jealous"

We need to break this cycle. I think that our enemies expect our relationships to be dysfunctional and all too often we expect this also and tolerate it... lets THINK HEALTHY IN ALL WAYS in 2010...


Violence within our community is something we need to address. I just hope there is justice for this young woman. One, possibly two lives ruined.

Taylor Siluwé

This makes me think of all the drama and fights I've had over the years with lovers, and fights that friends have had.

Ironically, I know of one person who also tried to run down a cheating BF in a fit of rage - even zooming up a one way street to do it. Fortunately, no one was hurt. And this person is a sane reasonable individual who just snapped.

On the other hand, I've had the cops come out and break up domestic violence incidents in my home (the most serious involved a butcher knife thrown at me) -- but that relationship was doomed anyway, he had anger management issues and I had a wandering eye.

I don't know the specifics of this case, but I do know that regular people can snap and do crazy stuff, out of the blue, just like a light being switched on and off. Sometimes we can see the handwriting on the wall, see it coming, and would do well to get out of the situation fast.

But life being what it is, sometimes we can't.

May Leticia rest in peace, and may her family and loved ones find some as well .....

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