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03 December 2009


Nathan James

"The United States has had no official comment on the proposed Ugandan law that would execute gay men."

Here in the United States, our government isn't as psychotically homophobic as Uganda's, but recent events strongly suggest a trend in that direction. DOMA is still on the books, and 31 states (Including New York) have denied marriage equality to the LGBT community. Given the anti-gay attitudes of so many of our own elected officials, it should come as no surprise that there hasn't been a condemnation of Uganda's bloodthirsty, homophobic activities.


We are fighting on all fronts: equality at home and horrific laws internationally. Let's do all we can, in our own way, to contribute to the fight!!!


I'm speechless on this. Jesus man...-QH

Tim Lee

@Rod - Thanks mate, for covering things that just aren't making onto the mainstream media in any real way. What a horrible tragedy. The silence of the President and the Secretary of State are shameful. It is one thing for redoubtable religious figures to capitulate to this holocost, but where is our political leadership?

History Major

Good thing 1 billion dollars are going into Afghanistan.


We must not give up. We must not relent. We must fight for the rights of our brothers and sisters all over the world.

Tom Fyller

[What a bizarre rant. If you don't like an advertiser, fine. Don't click on the ad or you're free to leave the site. But you don't tell me which ads to place. And to leave threatening comments over advertising... in a story about gay men being executed in Africa? Trifling and sad. -RM]

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